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There are hundreds of Calvinist blogs on the internet which support Calvinism and Calvinist pastors and teachers.  And as their "blogrolls" indicate, they often link to one another and to the same websites.  These Calvinist blogs form a network of support and are a propaganda machine for John Macarthur as they all work together to image Macarthur as a modern Spurgeon.

This network of bloggers helps to fashion Macarthur's image and serves as a line of defense against the truth which contradicts this image.  For example, if a Calvinist blogger posted an article about John Macarthur and a Christian wanted to make a comment on that post citing the wealth of evidence that Macarthur is a Freemason, then that comment would most likely not be allowed.  And if a Calvinist blogger should ever post an article exposing that John Macarthur's Camp Regen is the Druid Festival of Lughnasadh, then that blogger would likely be removed from other Calvinist blogrolls.

Perhaps the most popular of all Calvinist blogs is Pyromaniacs.  This blog is run by Phil Johnson, the Director of John Macarthur's Grace To You.  The blogging rules for Pyromaniacs (listed on the lower right) include the following:

"See an error in the post?  How clever of you!  Email the author.  If you comment a correction, expect the comment to disappear with the error." 

Notice the condescension..."how clever of you!"  So if a Christian sees an error in a Pyromaniacs post and is concerned enough to alert the readers with a comment, then that commenter will not only receive no thanks for his trouble, but will even have his comment of correction deleted... supposedly along with the error. 

Pyromaniacs has no interest in promoting truth, but rather their interest lies in promoting their consensus truth only (what they have all agreed upon and feel good about).  And anyone who attempts to comment with facts and truths which oppose their consensus will be deemed "hateful" and "divisive."  Whether the blog topic be about politics, John Macarthur, Al Mohler, Zionism, or the King James Bible... the goal of the group facilitator (blog administrator) is NOT to seek truth, but rather to achieve consensus among those participating in the discussion.  By building and promoting their consensus truth and by shielding their readers from the real truth, this network of Calvinist blogs has indeed become an effective propaganda machine. 

t kinds of blogs does Pyromaniacs link to on their select blogroll?  Allow me to take a look at just two.

One blog listed is called Rhoblogy

The symbol for Rhoblogy is called the Chi Rho.  The Chi Rho "was the emblem of the Egyptian god, Horus."  

Another blog listed on the Pyromaniacs roll is Ken Silva (Apprising Ministries).  According to The Mission of Apprising Ministries:

"It needs to be understood that in Special Ops often unconventional warfare techniques become the norm. In addition, Christian Research Net is an outreach extending from Apprising Ministries with multiple volunteer contributors who are under Silva’s ministerial supervision as General Editor, four of which are also pastor-teachers themselves as he is."

Ken Silva recently died.  According to David Moses, the Associate Pastor of Silva's church:

"Yesterday morning at around 10 a.m., 29 September 2014, Ken was found at home, having passed away. He had succumbed to the strain of the pain he had been enduring for the past few years." (Pastor Ken Silva's Passing)

I hope Ken Silva is now in Heaven, but the reason I mention Apprising Ministries is because its "mission" utilizes "Special Operations" with "unconventional warfare techniques."  What these Special Operations entail I do not know.   


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This is very interesting information and confirms my suspicions.

There is an Australian 'watcher' website called Hillsongchurchwatch which also uses the Chi Rho. Not only that, but the chi rho is inside a single eye!!!   I once made a comment to the blog about this after somebody else asked the authors to be accountable for their comments and at least tell people who they were.  They refused.   It is my suspicion that this website is run by either one or a number of Reformed/Calvinist men although they refuse to identify themselves.  A critical commentator on their website assumed they were reformed and the comment came back 'what makes you think we are reformed'.   They didn't actually deny it, but their attitudes and their theology is very much the same as most of the other 'watcher' sites which conform to reformed church ideas. They claim to be a group of 'pastors and elders', but won't say where.  They list Pyromaniac articles on their blog, and support and encourage Macarthur's ministry, listing one of his books on their 'must read' list.

Thankyou so much for the information on this blog.  It has been a huge weight off our shoulders as there are many discernment blogs on the web, but so many of them seem to have the same hostile and patronising attitude.  Having spent some time in a cult myself, I know the agendas and recognise the behaviour of these men, as it is so similar to the leaders of the cult I was part of.  It wasn't a reformed church but some of the elders were from a Presbyterian church originally so many of the same attitudes of control and elitism were present before the church got really huge.  It is an international group now, but still only has about 5-6000 members worldwide.

Thankyou again for your research it confirms our own and has helped us enormously to discern the truth of the matter.

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Why are the discernment sites so undiscerning and why are the watchman sites so blind?  It's designed that way; their "opposition" is merely controlled.  In my opinion, 98% of all discernment and watchman sites are controlled opposition.  In other words, they work for the conspirators to control and neutralize all true Christian opposition to the conspiracy.

I have seen this Hillsong watch site before and I have noticed their occult logo.  Since the Chi Rho is the symbol for the Egyptian god, Horus, the Chi Rho within an eye must mean the all-seeing eye of Horus.  This would indicate that Hillsongwatch is an occult (controlled opposition site) and not a Christian discernment site.   

Hillsong is internationally known, has been promoted by the establishment media, and has many Christian critics.  It would make sense THEY would create their own opposition site so that no true Christian opposition can gain any traction or expose too much truth. 

It's also clear to me that Hillsongchurchwatch is a controlled opposition site just from all the other false discernment sites they link to:

CARM, Wretched Radio, Grace To You, Pyromaniacs, Stand To Reason, Herescope (which is the blog for Discernment Ministries, Inc. which has been exposed as a controlled opposition group operating within an intelligence front [see The Conspiracy was Strong]), Let Us Reason...

Though I don't know about many of the "ministries" Hillsongwatch links to, I would assume they are all phoney and merely controlled opposition.  Unfortunately, undiscerning Christians who go to these sites to obtain information are being mis-dis-informed and probably placed on a dissidents list.
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