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The following has been excerpted from Cultural Marxism in the Church by Watch Unto Prayer ministry:


Resistance to Calvin’s tyranny intensified which Bernard Cottrett blames on opposition to the Reformer’s compulsory belief in the doctrine of predestination. 1. However, Cottrett also mentions this curious item:

“The city of Bern banished Calvin’s opponents, in particular Sebastien Foncellet, the author of an epigram describing Geneva as Sodom and abusing the Reformer.” (p. 211)

There is, in fact, compelling historical evidence that Calvin served a prison sentence for the crime of Sodomy.

For What Crime Was Calvin Imprisoned in 1534?

“Calvin’s conversion likely took place by May 1534 when he gave up his church benefices, as Calvin scholars concur. An imprisonment of Calvin, however, also took place in May 1534. It may very well explain Calvin’s new direction in life away from Noyon and in the Protestant camp. It also may well explain why in 1534 he wrote the Institutes with its bizarre notion that God directs all evil thoughts and actions, and neither man nor Satan has a moment of free-will where they can choose good or evil without God directing them. This is the kind of idea that would be invented by someone whose acts were felt internally to be deeply shameful.

“Schaff, a Calvin admirer, admits Calvin was ‘imprisoned’ at Noyon in 1534 for ‘some reason.’1. McGrath says the records of Noyon reveal Calvin’s name is listed as imprisoned on May 26, 1534. The same record notes a disturbance on Trinity Sunday in church. No other details are noted. 2. McGrath mentions the inconsistency between these records and Calvin’s claim in a letter of 1545 to a colleague where Calvin is ‘praising God that he had never been imprisoned.’ 3.

“Why would Calvin speak contra-factually? Probably because he meant to deny ever being imprisoned for his beliefs. Which raises the inference that Calvin was not arrested in May 1534 and imprisoned due to causing a doctrinal disturbance on Trinity Sunday. This explains why Calvin later denied ever being imprisoned. Then what was the nature of the public crime involved in 1534?

“Bolsec, a French physician from Paris residing in Geneva, made the claim that Calvin was convicted of sodomy at Noyon, France. Bolsec says he confirmed that a notary sent certification of this fact to Berthelier of the court’s decree at Noyon. 4. Bolsec specifically said he saw a document by a public sworn notary of Noyon who had certified the criminal conviction to Berthelier as ‘Secretary to the Council of Geneva.’ In this, Bolsec affirmed he was not lying, and that ‘neither anger, nor envy, nor evil will that has made me speak or write any one thing against Truth, and my Conscience.’ 5.

“Berthelier, a lawyer in Geneva and initial prosecutor of Servetus in 1553, asserted in 1557 he had obtained in 1554 at Noyon ‘an act, signed by a notary, which certified the truth’ that Calvin was convicted for sodomy. 6. As the Calvin-admirer, Francis Sibson, recounts in his introduction to Beza's Life of Calvin, Berthelier said:

‘the republic of Geneva had sent him to Noyon, with orders to make an exact inquiry into Calvin’s life and character; and that he found Calvin had been convicted of sodomy; but that at the bishop’s request, the punishment by fire was commuted into that of being branded with the Flower-de-luce [i.e., Fleurs-de-Lis, or a Lily.] He boasted to have an act, signed by a notary, which certified the truth of the process and the condemnation. 7.’”  Read more…

1. Philip Schaff, The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (Funk and Wagnalls Company, 1908) at 355.

2. Alister E. McGrath, A Life of John Calvin (Blackwell Publishing, 1990) at 73.

3. Id., at 74.

4. Introduction to Théodore de Bèze [Calvin's successor], The Life of John Calvin (J. Whetham, 1836) at 153. Sibson explains on page 154 that Berthelier said he obtained this in 1554, and disclosed this fact in 1557. Bethelier had to flee for his life from Geneva in 1555, and Sibson says it is impossible to believe that Berthelier did not take this certification with him if it truly existed. However, this means of casting doubt is unfounded. For it would be more unlikely that pressed with survival that Berthelier would take the time to go home for this paper.

5. Nicholas French, The doleful fall of Andrew Sall ... from the Roman Catholick ... faith (1749) at 95.

6. Théodore de Bèze [Calvin's successor], The Life of John Calvin (introduction and translated by Francis Sibson)(J. Whetham, 1836) at 153, 154.

7. Théodore de Bèze [Calvin's successor], The Life of John Calvin (introduction and translated by Francis Sibson)(J. Whetham, 1836) at 153, 154.

In Alister McGrath’s biography of Calvin, he states, “... Jerome Bolsec, with whom Calvin crossed swords in 1551... published his Vie de Calvin at Lyons in June 1577. Calvin, according to Bolsec, was irredeemably tedious and malicious, bloodthirsty and frustrated. He treated his own words as if they were the word of God, and allowed himself to be worshipped as God. In addition to frequently falling victim to his homosexual tendencies, he had a habit of indulging himself sexually with any female within walking distance. According to Bolsec, Calvin resigned his benefices at Noyon on account of the public exposure of his homosexual activities.”

A 17th century account of Calvin’s criminal record and branding for Sodomy is found not only in Bolsec’s 1557 biography of Calvin 1., but in A Treatise of Religion and Government with reflexions vpon the cause and cure of Englands late distempers and present dangersby John Wilson (London, 1670).  It appears from this and other historical accounts that Theodore Beza, who succeeded Calvin in Geneva, was also a homosexual. 2.  Theodore Beza compiled his own editions of the Greek New Testament which became the basis for the Geneva Bible. In the Treatise below, published in 1670, the language is Early Modern English.

“John Calvin (whom the Magistrate of Noyon condemned for infamous Sodomy) was by his friend Beza canonized for extraordinary Sanctity; but Schusselberg a man of so great esteem among Protestants that he was made Superintendent and general Inspector of many Churches in Germany, after relating Calvin’s Sodomy and vices, faith; …  I know Beza write otherwise of Calvin’s life, manners, and death, but seeing himself noted with the same Heresy, and almost with the same sin as the history of Candida etc. witnesseth, none can credit him. Therefore I am induced to believe Bolseck the Phisitian of Geneva, who begins his book of the life and death of Calvin with this protestation. ‘I am heer, for the love of the truth to refute Theodor Beze his fals, and shamles lyes, in the praise of Calvin, protesting before God and all the holy Court of heaven, before all the world, and the Holy Ghost itself, that neither anger nor envy, nor evill will hath made me speake or write any one thing against the truth and my conscience. Then he relates how Calvin was branded for Sodomy with a burning iron on the shoulder, and therefore retired from his Country (Noyon in Picardy) and how this punishment was testified by that City under the hand of a publick and sworn Notary to Monsr Bertelier Secretary to the Councell of Geneva, which testimony (sayth Bolseck) is yet extant. (p. 172)

“How great a Cheat Calvin was, had bin partly sayd heretofore, but whosoever desires to be fully informed of his particular villanies, and hypocrisy, let him read his life written by Jerom Bolseck Anno 1577. There he will find how Calvin continued to practise his execrable Sodomy, adultery life. (p. 321)

“That Hierom Bolstk Doctor of Physik many yeares in Geneva, and other places round about, in Calvin's time, when himself was a Protestant, setteth down many wicked things both of Calvin and Beza and with such circumstances that it seemeth impossible they should be feigned in a time his falsehoods might be so easily disproved (anno 1 577.)  As that him Calvin was branded publickly on the shoulder with a burning iron for Sodomy, by order of the Bishop of Ncyon in France, who preserved him therby from publik death; and that this was testified by publick record of the said Citty of Noyon; and that this was registred by Monsieur Bertilier Secretary of the Councell of Geneva under a publick and sworn Notaries hand; he relates many things of Calvin's exsessive ambition, intollerable hypocrisy , delicat niceness , and lascivious carnality.

“As for Beza who lived when Bolsek’s book was written, he reporteth many enormous things, as that he kept both a boy and a Queane, Andebertus, and Candida: that he ran away with a Taylor's wife that dwelt in Calendar street in Paris, she robbing her husband to accompany him; and that he continued the like life after, keeping an harlot called Claudia , together with his own wife, and killing his own Child begotten upon her, to cover the sin, by letting her blood above measure, and many other foul things, which I avoyd to name for loathsomness. (p. 401)

“From Mr Luther we fell to talk of Mr Theodore Beza concerning whom I told them that the book reporteth how he sold his benefice to one, and took mony for it before hand from another, and ran away with another man's wife to Geneva &c. wherunto my Lord sayd, Beza confesstth so much of himself (concerning his benefice) or els they had never known it, but their cosening and false dealings (meaning of the Papists) go far beyond this; and for Mr Calvin (sayd I) whom I have always reverenced, and employed my chiefest time of study in his book of Institutions, I find him accused here, to have bin a fals and deceitfull wicked man, branded for Sodomy, and would have raysed a dead man, whilst he was alive, but afterwards found him dead indeed, by his prayers, and endeavors to raise him &c.” (p. 406)

The Reformed Reader confirms that Clement Marot, who was commissioned by Calvin to translate the Genevan Psalter, prior to Theodore Beza, was also a Sodomite.

“Clement Marot was the ‘Valet ofthe Bed-chamber to King Francis I.’ and was one of the greatest French poets of his time; in fact, he gave his name to a new school of poetry,— ‘Marotique.’ He had tried his hand at an immense variety of profane verse, he had written ballades, chansons, pastourelles, vers équivoques, eclogues, laments, complaints, epitaphs, chants-royals, blasons, contreblasons, dizains, huitains, envois; he had been, Warton says, ‘the inventor of the rondeau and the restorer of the madrigal;’ and yet, in spite of his well-known ingenuity and versatility, it occasioned much surprise and even amusement when it was known that the gay poet had written psalm-songs and proposed to substitute them for the love-songs of the French court…

“Marot wrote in his preface to the psalms:—

‘Thrice happy they who shall behold
And listen in that age of gold…
Shepherd and shepherdess shall vie
In many a tender Psalmody,
And the Creator’s name prolong
As rock and stream return their song.’

“Though these words seem prophetic, the gay and volatile Marot could never have foreseen what has proved one of the most curious facts in religious history,—that from the airy and unsubstantial seed sown by the French courtier in such a careless, thoughtless manner, would spring the great-spreading and deep-rooted tree of sacred song.”

Consistent with John Calvin’s conviction of sodomy is his Commentary on Genesis 13 and 19, in which he rejects the accepted interpretation of the sin of Sodom as homosexuality.

GENESIS 13:13 “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.”

CALVIN: “Therefore, Ezekiel, speaking of the men of Sodom, declares it to have been the cause of their destruction, that, being saturated with bread and wine, and filled with delicacies, they had exercised a proud cruelty against the poor, (Ezek. 16:49)”

GENESIS 19:4-5 “But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.” 

CALVIN: “Some expound the word know in a carnal sense; and thus the Greek interpreters have translated it. But I think the word has here a different meaning; as if the men had said, We wish to know whom thou bringest, as guests, into our city. The Scripture truly is accustomed modestly to describe an act of shame by the word know; and therefore we may infer that the men of Sodom would have spoken, in coarser language, of such an act: but, for the sake of concealing their wicked design, they here imperiously expostulate with the holy man, for having dared to receive unknown persons into his house.”

John Calvin, Rosaria Butterfield, and Gay activists reject the accurate Biblical interpretation of Genesis 13 and 19 as the sin of Sodomy.  It does seem that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Calvin’s legacy is the present day alliance of Calvinists and the LGBTQ who are conspiring to establish a sodomite “Kingdom of God” – a “Queer Utopia” – on earth. 

One important means the Reformed are using to transform the world is educating their children in the Greco-Roman Classical Curriculum.  Children indoctrinated in the culture of ancient Greece will more readily accept the institutionalized sodomy and pederasty that distinguished the Classical Age of Greece and Rome.

These vices will be elevated to virtues in the future Reformed “Kingdom of God,”— also known as the Greco-Roman “Golden Age,” Plato’s “Republic,” the New “Age of Aquarius,” Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis,” Marx’s “World Communist Society,” the Zionist “Judeo-Christian Theocracy,” Joachim Fiore’s “Age of the Spirit,” Masonic “New World Order,” etc..

Whatever the occult societies have labeled their coming Luciferian Slave State, New Agers Jeremy Rifkin and Alice Bailey have accurately foretold that the Christian Church would be hijacked and will be the primary instrument to usher in the “New Age,”— which the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.



  1. Stanford Rives. Did Calvin Murder Servetus,? BookSurge Publishers, Charleston, South Carolina, 2008 (Kindle 6072-6085).
  2.  Jerom Bolsec, Histoire de la vie, moeurs, actes, doctrine, constance et mort de Jean Calvin, (Lyons and Paris, 1577; published in Latin at Cologne in 1580; German tr. 1581. (Trans. History of the life, morals, acts, doctrine, constancy and death of John Calvin)
  3. Jerom Bolsec, Histoire de la vie et des mœurs de Th. de Bèze (Paris, 1582). (Trans.  History of the life and the morals of Theodore Beza)


Mark Shriver

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So John Calvin was not just a Jew and a tyrannical murderer, but also a sodomite.  Doesn't surprise me at all!!
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