Dr. Steve Lawson, Southern Baptist
“God is the Architect…radically transforming our lives”
Though he isn’t on the board or the staff, Dr. Steve Lawson also could be considered another leader at John Macarthur's The Master's Academy International (TMAI). In addition to sitting on the board of The Masters College and Seminary, he teaches at several TMAI training centers and serves on the Advisory Council for Samara Preachers’ Institute and Theological Seminary in Samara, Russia, a TMAI center in Russia. 
Dr. Lawson is the Senior Pastor at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church (CFBC) in Mobile, Alabama. CFBC is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, a UN-NGO. The teaching ministry of Dr. Lawson is called “New Reformation Ministries (NRM).” On the NRM website, the first sentence of their purpose statement states, “The unique focus of New Reformation is to recover and reclaim in the church a high view of God, a vision of Him…” Under “Our Passion” it states, “Moreover, we must know that God is the Architect of an eternal plan for us, and that He is ushering in His sovereign purposes on a grand scale, there by building up our faith and radically transforming our lives.” “Radically transforming” is new paradigm, church growth language.
According to The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, the word “architect” is not in the Bible. In his “Institutes of the Christian Religion,” John Calvin, a crypto-Jew, referred to God as “the Architect of the Universe” as does Freemasonry. Freemasons refer to their God, Lucifer, as the Grand Architect. The first sentence of a Masonic sermon on a Masonic website states, “Masonic conduct is to adore the Grand Architect of the Universe.” Dr. Lawson states that “God is the ARCHITECT… ushering in His sovereign purposes on a GRAND scale.”
It has been documented that the Southern Baptist Convention is controlled by Free Masonry, that more than 1 million Free Masons are members of the SBC and that more than 1000 pastors in the SBC are Free Masons.  Incredibly, the publication of these statistics hasn’t prevented John Macarthur from fellowshipping with and bringing SBC pastors and leaders into GCC.