Facilitating the Leadership Network's Agenda: A Quick Glance at John Macarthur's "Grace Advance"
[Note: The name for the Leadership Network's publication is Leadership Advance.  John Macarthur named his "New Paradigm" organization Grace Advance.  To see the Leadership Network's publication click here.]
After being asked by members of John Macarthur's congregation about his latest venture called Grace Advance, I went to check it out at the Grace Church website and saw that Grace Advance had already been set in a meticulously detailed blueprint that took up eight webpages; a blueprint that named the new organizations Grace Advance Academy and Grace Advance Fellowship along with their "purposes", "missions", "benefits", "training methods", etc.  I then wondered if Grace Advance could be following God or following a man-made organizational model and strategy like that of The Leadership Network?
The goal of The Leadership Network is to train leaders who will transform churches within networks that will serve the communitarian system (government/business/social sector merger) [read What is the Church Growth Movement? to learn more].  In this "new paradigm," church leaders, having received training in group facilitation skills (what the Grace Advance leadership calls "dynamic instruction" and "rich dialogical interaction"), have become change agents ready to effect social change in their communities. This "new way of doing church" can often be identified by its particular buzzwords and structure.  In order to shed some light on Grace Advance, allow me to comment on a few quotes taken directly from its website
Grace Advance has both a "purpose" and a "mission" statement.  The sub-title of the Grace Advance website states: "providing leadership for developing churches." [Comment: Why doesn't the Grace Advance sub-title say they are providing preachers and teachers for "developing churches?"]
"The recent explosion of developing churches, however, has created a demand for an additional level of preparation and training for men to lead these local assemblies. Through Grace Advance Academy, it is our desire to serve the obvious moving of the Holy Spirit in this endeavor." [Comment: God's word states that there has been a great "falling away." The "explosion of developing churches" is due to man's church growth and merchandizing methods. This isn't an "obvious moving of the Holy Spirit."  It is an effort by Satan to create his one world church.]
"Our goal is not simply to plant churches at our own discretion. Rather, our passion is to prepare men to become pastors of a new wave of churches that the Lord is raising up around the world." [Comment: Satan has raised up most of these churches in order to build his own kingdom (NWO).]
Under the subtitle, The Method of Grace Advance Academy, it states: "The program is designed to include dynamic instruction, rich dialogical interaction..." [Comment: God has ordained a preaching and teaching method to build His Church.  This is also called a traditional and a didactic method.  Satan and social-psychologists employ a dialogical method which is also referred to as a transformational and a dialectical method.  Church facilitators and change agents employ this method in order to seduce and brainwash and to change Christian's way of thinking (to compromise God for group goals).]
"...the church of the twenty-first century continues to succumb to the wasting cancers of cultural accommodation, historical isolationism..." [Comment: Church leader/facilitators don't want churches holy and set apart like God commands; in the new paradigm, they want all churches interconnected and interdependent and functioning within networks.]
The advance of the church requires that bodies not live in isolation, but fellowship with one another for encouragement and stability. [Comment: They don't want churches being light and salt to the world.  They want churches networking to facilitate their service within the communitarian system.]
"We will endeavor to protect churches from historical isolationism." "Grace Advance realizes that the church does not exist in isolation..." [Comment:They don't want Christians and churches being holy and set apart, but synthesized into a New Word Order.] 
"While we are not starting a denomination, we nevertheless recognize the critical need for churches to plant churches, and to establish networks that facilitate the fellowship of these local assemblies (Acts 14:21-28)." [Comment: This is the goal of The Leadership Network to get all churches on board with the New Agenda through networking and group facilitation (mind control)].
"This is the purpose of Grace Advance Fellowship—to create a network of pastors who are willing to provide encouragement, prayer support, and experienced counsel." "It is our desire that through this fellowship, we can facilitate the cooperation of those pastors..." [Comment: Facilitate cooperation through facilitated dialogue and manipulative peer pressure tactics.]
Under the subtitle, The Benefits of Grace Advance Academy, it states: "At this [Shepherds]conference, graduates will receive fellowship, network with one another..." 
"We will add you to our list of participants, and as local networks begin to naturally emerge, we will notify you when Grace Advance begins the establishment of a developing church in your area." [Comment: The emergence of these local networks isn't due to the working of the Holy Spirit, but due to change agents following the Leadership Network's organizational model.]
"Students will also be required to submit written philosophy statements on church life and ministry, leadership, worship, and evangelism." [Comment: Why require philosophy statements? Why not require the submission of applicable bible verses?] 
One of the stated benefits of Grace Advance Fellowship is deeper accountability with trusted peers. [Comment: In the New Paradigm, accountability has been shifted from God to man, i.e. the church leadership.]
"Nowhere does Scripture challenge the church to win or change the culture by pragmatically tailoring its methodology to attract or infiltrate that culture." [Comment: Given this true statement from the Grace Advance leadership, I wonder why John Macarthur recently founded an organization called The Master's Institute on Public Issues for the expressed purpose of "shaping US public policy" and "reforming the US court system?"  One can read about this Institute here.] 
Grace Advance involves selecting students from John Macarthur's The Master's Seminary to be further trained at Grace Advance Academy before being sent out to "facilitate the cooperation" of pastors within an emerging network called Grace Advance Fellowship.  Of interest, The Master's Seminary has an alliance with James Macdonald's apostate Harvest Bible Chapels whereby The Master's Seminary students are obliged to plant "Churches of Life Groups" (facilitator-led groups) once their training has been completed at the Harvest School.  Click here and here and here to learn much more.