The Masters U. Renting Space to Film Grey's Anatomy

"Two people I know, one of them Pastor Sam Jones, called John MacAthur's Master's University this afternoon to confirm what was thought to be impossible. Pastor Jones talked to a guy named Mike that confirmed that indeed the Master's University is renting space to Grey's Anatomy to film on their property. WHY???? This show has promoted the transgender agenda, LGBTQ agenda, and many other things contrary to what I thought John MacArthur and his ministry stood for. 

"I thought it was MacArthur that warned us over and over about letting the culture into the church and evangelicalism? Pastor Sam Jones called me after his phone call with Mike at the Master's University. The conversation was very odd and did not go well because of Mike's tone and pragmatism. I think Pastor Sam will be speaking to the issue on his radio show soon. When I first heard this report about the Master's University and Grey's Anatomy, I thought it had to be a joke but Pastor Sam confirmed in the phone conversation with this Master's University staffer that it is very much true. In fact, Sam told me that the staffer told him this was beta testing. What does that mean? Is this going to become a common practice?

"I wonder what our Lord and Master thinks of this? I think we know. I was shocked this spring when John MacArthur publicly caved to the social justice crowd right on his own church platform but now I guess his ministry is caving to Hollywood. Was it not John MacArthur and his staffers that went after Mark Driscoll non-stop for his worldliness? I guess they owe him an apology. What are your thoughts. Click here to post your thoughts on our Facebook page: