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Every Year Grace To You Awards Lucrative Contract to John Macarthur's Son In Law's Firm

Over many years, John Macarthur's son-in law's (Kory Welch's) private company's, The Welch Group and Dorma Productions, have received millions of dollars from Grace To You for doing its production work. 

Grace To You (GTY) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  GTY has "12 voting members of the governing body."  John Macarthur is the President of GTY; his son, Matt Macarthur, is Treasurer of GTY; and his other son, Mark Macarthur, is a Director of GTY.  

 In the IRS 990 form for 2009, Schedule L, in the section titled, "Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons," and listed under "Contract Services," it's shown that GTY paid $667,000 to The Welch Group Corporation.  The Welch Group Corporation is a video production company whose CEO and sole owner is Kory Welch, John Macarthur's son-in law.  For the calendar years from 2008-2012, The Welch Group was paid the following by Grace To You:






Total for these 5 years-$3,534,938…

The Welch Group and Dorma Productions have been paid a comparable annual amount from GTY from 2013-2015.

Total paid from 2008-2015-approximately 5 to 6 million dollars. 


2015--The Welch Group or Dorma Productions

The Welch Group

The Welch Group--facebook

Dorma Productions

Mark Shriver

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To hire his son-in-laws firm also goes against God's Word which commands Christians to "abstain from all appearance of evil." (1 Thess 5:22).

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Also these amounts are way too lavish to pay anybody in a Christian ministry who's job is to spread the word of God.

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And unlike Grace To You, which must submit 990 forms because of its "non-profit" status, the revenue earned by Macarthur's son-in-law's company (as far as I know) can't be known because it isn't available for public scrutiny.  So if the Welch Group receives $800,000 this year, what amount goes into Kory Welch's pocket?  Or into Macarthur's pocket? 

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It's seen at the bottom of this page that Kory Welch is also employed by The Master's University as the Chief Brand/PR Officer.

I've heard that in a recent speech to his seminary students John Macarthur stated that none of his children work for any organization that he is a part of.  For many years his 2 sons have been on the Board of Directors of Grace To You.  One is the treasurer of GTY and the other is a director.  This can be seen on page 8 of the latest 990 form that is available. 
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