Several years ago I published an article examining John Macarthur's claim that he was present at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on the same day that MLK was assassinated.  That article can be read here.

It's now come to my attention that an "investigative reporter" named Paige Rogers has co-opted this material for her own recent publication.  This publication seems to be "big news" as articles and videos are appearing on the internet to discuss this "new revelation."  One such article can be read here and their video can be seen here.  

Paige Rogers wrote in her investigative report that John Macarthur's presence at the Lorraine Motel should be doubted primarily due to the statements made by Charles Evers who told him to "stop lying."  But Paige Rogers fails to admit the evidence that Charles Evers has given different accounts of his whereabouts on the day MLK was killed.  Paige Rogers also fails to admit the important evidence that Charles Evers was a friend of Nelson Rockefeller, an informant for a Mississippi spy agency, a gangster in Chicago, and standing just 5 feet from Bobby Kennedy when he was shot!  Clearly, Charles Evers is a man whose word is not to be trusted.  The following is an excerpt from the original MLK/Macarthur report about Charles Evers, a man who Paige Rogers only describes as being an icon.
Who is Charles Evers?  Why would Paige Rogers think he's credible?

According to John Macarthur, he was in the office of Charles Evers at the time of the MLK assassination and he accompanied Evers to the MLK crime scenes.  Charles Evers at that time was the field secretary for the Mississippi NAACP whose headquarters was in the Stringer Masonic Lodge in Jackson, MS. What else is known about Charles Evers?

Charles Evers, Friend of Nelson Rockefeller

“…Around 1955, I met Nelson Rockefeller for the first time…I’d heard Nelson himself was a special friend of the Negro, so I bowled my way in to see him, at one of this little receptions up in New York. I knew once I was in he’d like me. And he did… I made myself an informal advisor to Nelson. We weren’t close friends—most years we only spoke about four times a year.” (Source: Have No Fear: A Black Man’s Fight for Respect in America, Charles Evers, Andrew Szanton)

It’s more likely that Rockefeller advised Charles Evers and perhaps financed his activities.

Charles Evers Claimed to be a Gangster in Chicago

Charles Evers claims to have lived a “high on the hog” gangster life in Chicago prior to taking over Medgar’s position with the NAACP in Mississippi in 1963.  “Before and after the war, Evers participated in bootlegging operations, prostitution, and numbers in Mississippi and Chicago…”

“Around 1956, Evers’ entrepreneurial gifts and his civil rights activism landed him in trouble in Philadelphia, Mississippi (Charles had started an NAACP Chapter in Philadelphia, MS in 1956). He left town and moved to Chicago, Illinois. There, he fell into a life of hustling, running numbers for organized crime, and managing prostitutes.” (Charles Evers Wiki)

Did Charles Evers live “high on the hog” in Chicago because of his criminal enterprises or because he had financial backers in Chicago?

Did Charles Kill Medgar?

Charles Evers was accused by the FBI of killing his brother, Medgar.  “A few days after Medgar died, two FBI agents came around to question me…Those FBI agents strolled into my office and said they had reason to think I’d killed Medgar! My best friend in the world, and him killed in Jackson when I was in Chicago.” (Source: Evers, Charles; Szanton, Andrew (2008-04-21). Have No Fear: The Charles Evers Story (Kindle Locations 2523-2525)).

Was Charles Evers an Informant?

Between 1956 and 1973 there was a secret spy agency that had been set up by the state legislature of Mississippi called the State Sovereignty Commission.  Its members infiltrated the civil rights movement to inform on workers and to sow discord. Charles Evers was implicated in this operation as an informant.

“Despite his high-profile work during the civil rights era, and despite his slain brother’s martyr status, Evers faces accusations of having been in league with the Sovereignty Commission. Evers has a long file, more than 1,000 pages. It attests to a double relationship…Was he a collaborator or a negotiator?

“A damaging memorandum was sent on March 31, 1967, from Earle Johnston Jr., director of the commission, to Lee Cole, a commission investigator. ‘It has been reported to this office that on one or two occasions you mentioned to people in your territory, ‘We have Charles Evers in the palm of our hand,’ the memo says. ‘Whether the report is true or not, I would much prefer that you never make any such statement because it might jeopardize some of our troubleshooting procedures. You may say at any time that we have a communication with Evers, but I would not go any further than that.'” (The Secrets of Mississippi)

Charles Evers Gives Differing Accounts of his Whereabouts on the Day MLK was Shot

According to John Macarthur, Charles Evers was in his office in Jackson, MS when MLK was shot.  However, Charles Evers has given differing versions as to his whereabouts on that day.

“On the evening of April 4, 1968, I was driving Highway 28 to Natchez [MS] . I had the radio on, but my mind was on that night’s rally in Natchez. The next day I was supposed to fly to Memphis to help Martin with a Negro garbage strike there. Suddenly a white voice came on the radio: Martin had been shot in Memphis. He’d been staying at the Lorraine Motel…In Natchez, I went straight to Mamie Lee Mazique’s house. Everybody there was hugging the radio, trying to catch news of Martin’s condition.” (Source: Evers, Charles; Szanton, Andrew (2008-04-21). Have No Fear: The Charles Evers Story (Kindle Locations 4036-4041)).

Charles Evers also claims he was headed for a meeting in Fayette when MLK was shot.  I was scheduled to go to Memphis with him, but I had a meeting in Fayette. The news came on that Martin had been shot.”(Medgar, the Movement & More)

In an interview available on You Tube (at about the16:40 mark), Charles Evers claims he was in Indiana with Bobby Kennedy when MLK was shot. (You Tube)

Charles Evers’ Presence at Senator Robert Kennedy’s Assassination

John Macarthur claims that Charles Evers and John Perkins were with him at the Martin Luther King assassination crime scenes. Two months later on June 5, 1968, Charles Evers claims that he was standing just five feet away from Senator Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

“Bobby finished his speech and turned to leave the stage… I moved toward him. I thought he’d leave by the front door to go up the elevator to the pressroom, but he turned and left by a kitchen I didn’t know was there. I was five feet from Bobby when he stopped, shook hands with two Mexican kitchen workers…I moved to leave, caught Bobby’s eye, and waved my hand, signaling that I’d catch up to him later. That same second, I heard a loud ffat-ffat. I thought it was balloons breaking. But a little Palestinian punk, Sirhan Sirhan, had shot Bobby…

“We got Bobby to Good Samaritan Hospital. His entourage arrived. Most of them still hoped some fancy surgeon could save him. But having run a funeral home, I’d seen too many head wounds. I knew if he lived, he’d be a vegetable…All night I stayed with Bobby at the hospital, praying he wouldn’t make it, just praying he’d pass away clean, without pain….

“I flew back with Bobby’s casket to New York on a presidential jet that LBJ had sent for Bobby and his family. Ethel was on that plane, pregnant again; Teddy Kennedy was on the plane, with his sisters, Patricia and Jean. Jackie Kennedy was there, and Coretta Scott King. In New York, I was too shook up to be one of Bobby’s pallbearers. I came down to Washington by train.. (Evers, Charles; Szanton, Andrew (2008-04-21).Have No Fear: The Charles Evers Story (Kindle Locations 4149-4187)).

Mark Shriver
Paige Rogers doesn't believe John Macarthur was at the Lorraine Motel that day because Charles Evers says Macarthur is lying?  That's the main reason?  Does Paige Rogers know that Charles Evers has given at least 3 different accounts as to his whereabouts on the day MLK was killed?  And why won't Paige Rogers admit the evidence that Charles Evers was a government informant, a Chicago gangster, and has stated he was standing just 5 feet from Bobby Kennedy just before he was shot?  Paige Rogers would have us believe instead that Charles Evers is an honest civil rights icon!   
Yes. Paige Rogers would like to have us believe that Charles Evers is a Christian civil rights icon who is to be believed.  That he was friends with Rockefeller and standing just feet from Bobby Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel are facts that must be dismissed in order to keep from implicating Evers and Perkins with MLK.  
Mark Shriver
Some say that Dewayne Wolfer was the LAPD criminalist who falsified the ballistics evidence in the RFK assassination investigation to make it appear that Sirhan Sirhan was the lone shooter at the Ambassador Hotel.  The following quote is from an internet search on this topic.

"There is a nickname in our profession," one specialist said, for mistakes in which an investigator is too quick to "make" a gun. It is "Wolferism," a reference to DeWayne Wolfer, a one-time LAPD criminalist who misread evidence in the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles in 1968, even though the guilt of Sirhan Sirhan was never in doubt." (L)

What few Christians know is that Dewayne Wolfer's son, Dewayne Wolfer Jr. was a leader in John Macarthur's Men's Ministry as well as his bodyguard.  He is also an ex-cop.  
That is correct.  Dewayne Wolfer Jr. worked at John Macarthur's GCC as a men's discussion leader and was also employed as Macarthur's bodyguard.  Isn't it interesting that his father falsified evidence for the LAPD during the RFK/Sirhan Sirhan assassination investigation?  It's more interesting that Charles Evers admits to being 5 ft. from Bobby Kennedy before he was shot at the Ambassador Hotel.  But we are supposed to believe that none of these men (Macarthur, Evers, Perkins) were really in Memphis when MLK was shot.     
I remember when you first broke this news. The information coming out now should be credited to your because before nobody wanted to listen