John Macarthur, Salem Communications, and The Council for National Policy
John Macarthur is the president of Grace To You.  With his sons as Treasurer and Director, Grace To You produces a half hour long radio program which is "heard throughout the world nearly a thousand times a day." To see the numerous radio stations which broadcast Macarthur's program then click here.  Many of these radio stations are owned by Salem Communications.  Click here to see a list of Salem Radio Stations.
Salem Communications is directed by men who are members of the Council for National Policy (CNP), a front for the Council on Foreign Relations.  The Council for National Policy is a secretive organization which is anti-american and anti-christian to an extreme.  
The Salem Communications website names their corporate directors and officers. The following quote names numerous CNP members who are or have been directors of Salem Communications:
"...five directors of Salem Communications Company are or have been officers and directors of CNP: Salem's president and CEO, Edward G. Atsinger, III; Stuart W. Epperson (host of Truth Talk Live, a radio show broadcast on Salem's radio network); Roland S. Hinz (who is also president of Hi-Favor Communications, which has purchased radio stations from Salem to implement a Christian format in Spanish); Hodel; and Judge Paul Pressler (a retired Texas judge who has made a career of advocating a conservative resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention). 
The question for the Christian is why would members of the Council for National Policy broadcast John Macarthur's Grace To You program on radio stations they control through their directorship in Salem Communications?  What is the real agenda of Salem Communications and John Macarthur? 
Note: John Macarthur's Master's College Sponsors the Frank Pastore Show.  Frank Pastore hosts a radio program on KKLA (Salem Communications.) From the few times I've listened to his show I've learned that Frank admires Rick Warren (a CFR member), and supports Chuck Colson and James Dobson (both of whom lead NGO's of the UN). The Masters College financially supports this ecumenical host/facilitator (Note: Frank Pastore was recently killed in a motorcycle accident).
Note: John Macarthur's principal church financier ($2,000,000/year) is/was not only a member of the Council for National Policy, but one of its governors. To learn more click here.