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John Macarthur: Some Key Points of Concern


John Macarthur now teaches one can be redeemed after taking the Mark of the Beast.  Phil Johnson, his propaganda minister at Grace To You, also now teaches this. 

Money Trail

John Macarthur's organizations have received millions of dollars from The Believer's Foundation which was founded, funded, and controlled by Lorena Jaeb.  Lorena Jaeb was a Governor of the Council for National Policy, a powerful CFR front.

John Macarthur's son-in-law's (Kory Welch's) private company receives about $800,000 annually from Grace To You for doing its video production work.  A good deal of Masonic symbolism has been incorporated into these videos.

According to recent 990 forms, John Macarthur earned in excess of $400,000 from Grace To You for just part time work.

Occult Connections

John Fullerton Macarthur was named for his great-grandfather, Thomas Fullerton, who was the Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Canada.

The same Grand Masonic Lodge of Canada recently quoted John Macarthur in a communique to its Grandmasters.

There is evidence John Macarthur's Camp Regen is the Druid Festival of Lughnassagh, a Wiccan Sabbat

There is evidence that John MacArthur's Nouthetic Counseling is based on Scientology's Dianetic Auditing.

His Mentor/Father

At his father's request, John Macarthur was tutored by the Jewish Rabbi, Charles Feinberg.  John Macarthur's father was a member of Henrietta Mears' inner circle of Freemasons. 

Police/Military Connections

John Macarthur's organizations are staffed to a large extent by ex-police and ex-military men.

Martin Luther King's Assassination

According to his biography, John Macarthur was present at the Lorraine Motel on the same day during which Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Very shortly thereafter, Macarthur was arrested in Mississippi.  Phil Johnson, Macarthur's propaganda minister, tells the lie that Macarthur was arrested for merely preaching the gospel.  

More Deceit

Certain employees at John Macarthur's orgs. have expressed that even though the public has been led to believe that Macarthur has written 200+ books, he has actually never written any books on his own.
Mark Shriver

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These "key points" you made prove John Macarthur is an evil man.  I wonder why he has any following at all.  It's clear to me he's a charlatan...fraud...and imposter.  

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I agree that he is a most evil man.  How else can a man be described who is teaching that it's OK to take the mark of the Beast?  Why does he have such a large following on radio stations throughout the world?  Because Christians unfortunately have little to no love of the truth. 
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