John Macarthur Teaches that the Antichrist will be a Muslim
In the video below, John Macarthur is promoting the deception that the Antichrist will be a Muslim.  The following are a few quotes from John Macarthur: "The bible's Antichrist is Islam's savior."  "The bible's Antichrist is their Mahdi."  "The Mahdi is the exact replica of the Antichrist."  "The nations that will be a coalition for the Antichrist--all eight of those are Muslim nations."
Contrary to John Macarthur's false teaching, scripture indicates that the Antichrist will be a Jew.  The following quotes are from the article, THE LOST TRIBE OF DAN--THE EARLY JEWISH & CHRISTIAN VIEW OF THE IDENTITY OF THE ANTICHRIST
"To suggest that the Antichrist will be from one of the tribes of Israel is likely to incur accusations of "anti-Semitism" from those who would like to conceal this fact. However, we believe that the Biblical admonition to bless the descendants of Abraham [Gen. 12:3] includes exposing the identity of the man of sin who will lead many Jews to their destruction." 
"Scripture indicates the following: That the Antichrist is Jewish; He will come from the region of Dan/Mount Hermon [Mount Sion] in the north of Israel as a false fulfillment of Romans 11:26; The tribe of Dan will be rejected by God as part of the 144,000 and will be used by God to bring judgment upon Israel and the unbelieving world."
"There are different answers to the question whether the Antichrist will be a Jew or a heathen. That he will be a Jew, and apparently of the tribe of Dan, Irenaeus based on Jer. 8:16 and the absence of that tribe in Rev. 7:5-8. Hippolytus grounded it upon Deut. 33:22; Gen. 49:16,17, and the consideration that as the opposite to Christ he must descend from Israel. Ambrose refers to John 5:43; Prof. Schlatter to II Thess. 2:4; that he sets himself in the temple of God, not of idols." [Erich Sauer, The Triumph of the Crucified, p. 119]
"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers ...nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."  Daniel 11:37
In claiming the Antichrist will be a Muslim, and in stating that Christians can take the Mark of the Beast and still get to Heaven, John Macarthur is promoting the counterfeits that will deceive the masses during the Tribulation. (See: Straight From the Pit of Hell: John Macarthur Teaches that People Who Take the Mark of the Beast can Repent and be Saved.)
Mark Shriver
Yet more proof of John Macarthur's dangerous false teachings.  
The clear understanding of all the major Protestant Reformers, Puritans, and great Evangelical preachers and teachers  down to the end of the nineteenth century is that the Antichrist is the Papacy, the succession of Popes, the Roman Catholic Church.

This really is the only way to make sense of Scriptures such as:

2 Thessalonians 2

Revelation 17

1 Timothy 4 vv 1-5

Revelation 13

Revelation 12 vv 1-6.

The great Protestant Turretine explained this most carefully, google his name and you will find his exposition. 

It follows from this that the Popes are not just the Antichrist, but also 'The Man of Sin' and 'The Son of Perdition'. 

Only the Papacy can 'fit' the above Scriptures. The 'man' (singular) does not therefore refer to a single individual but to a succession of Popes, and to the Papacy as an institution. 

This exposition is frowned upon these days, amidst the drive to ecumenism with Rome and interfaithism.

But having studied MacArthur's career, as you have over in the U.S., I am not in the least surprised that he is one of those who has abandoned the view that the Antichrist is the Pope, and claims he is an Islamic figure.

(However, I believe the Scriptures also teach that, as well as the Papacy being dominant as we approach the Second Coming of Christ, there will also be a secular antichrist figure as well. The Bible does I believe speak of progress towards a one world secular government under an 'antichrist' leader who will work in tandem with a powerful religious figure who will also seek world dominion. This must surely be the Papacy).

It is not surprising then that John MacArthur does not speak ill of that great ecumenist and interfaithist Rick Warren. I think in fact in recent times he may have appeared at a conference with him.


The Antichrist will not be the Pope, however, the Antichrist will be a Jew.   Here's an instructive article.
I think the Antichrist will be a dispensationalist, zionist, Darbyite fruit inspector and a Trump tard, and a New Apostate Racist.
I think that Tithing is the Mark. Of course, Revelation teaches us not to go back under the law. The only way it makes sense. Any other interpretation is lordship horse manure.
Surely righteousness can’t come from the law. Christians who teach tithing are quite wrong and it’s unfortunate so many are under that bondage. The law died on the cross.