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John Macarthur is scheduled to speak at the Sing 2018 conference on Sept 10-12 in Nashville, TN.  Other speakers at this conference include Tim Keller, Alistair Begg, Ravi Zacharias, JD Greear, Ligon Duncan, John Piper, and Tripp Lee. 

Highlighting this conference will be speakers, Keith and Kristyn Getty

Ravi zacharias, tim Keller, John Macarthur

According to Way of Life Literature,  "The Getty's are also a bridge to a wide variety of theological heresy."  In the following quote Keith Getty praised Bono:

"In the same 2013 interview Keith Getty heaped praise on Bono of the Irish rock band U2, calling him a 'brilliant theological thinker'..."

The following is the last paragraph in this Way of Life expose of the Getty's:

"Any bridge that Bible-believing churches build to the Gettys is a bridge beyond the Gettys to heretics such as C.S. Lewis and Bono, to the Roman Catholic Church, to the Charismatic movement, to the filthy world of secular rock, to emergents and New Agers like Leonard Sweet, and to every element of the end-time one-world 'church.'"

Click here to read the full article about the Getty's.


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I read the article you posted a link to at the end and what kept nagging at me was the reference the author makes a few times about the Getty's having ties with the old Irish musical tradition and that they are adapting that with the American style and putting scriptural words over it, I forgot the exact quote.  Anyway, we know John MacArthur is a Druid and was even claimed such by a Druid website per a screenshot watchpray took that was posted on her site.  The connection of Druidry in MacArthur's beliefs has been shown as well.  So, could the Getty's also be Druids?

I know I saw a video from a man who used to be a Druid named William Schnoebelen on Youtube a few years back (I am in no way condoning any of Schnoebelen's work, I know he is a hardcore zionist and has adopted a form of Christianity that mingles Christianity and Judaism while denying the fulfilling of the Mosaic Law) and Schnoebelen made a claim that in the three degrees of Druidry you must learn the secrets of Druidry about a trade, one of which is music which he chose.  He claims the Druids know how to manipulate human emotions and feelings using music, something about the way it can change brainwaves using vibration and frequency.  Could that be what is going on here?

I know that GCC, while being on the contemporary side, did use a more traditional approach on some hymns, but at TMC the chapel services had songs that reminded me of full-on rock ballads.  It was loud and was designed to heavily tug on your heart strings, almost to the point of tears.  This can cause some to mistake that for a spiritual experience even though there are some minor music keys that heavily affect human emotions, such as A minor.  Even the band Metallica gets people crying at times during their slow acoustic ballads they do during their concerts.

I know when I was standing right in the middle of a chapel service at TMC I would always get hit with that sentimental feeling whenever the band would start playing, and even the music that played during the video vignettes that showed on the screen at certain points of the service.  (commercials for missions week, etc.)  It always gave you that feeling that, "I'm glad I'm here, it's supporting a good cause."  It wasn't until you were outside the building that it hit you the organization wasn't so great after all and life in this cult is pretty depressing.

I believe there is something behind this.  If the Druids really know the secrets to manipulating people with music, that could explain a lot of the brainwashing this cult does.  The Getty's could also be controlled by the globalists.  The only other speakers I recognized were Piper and Zacharias.  I don't know much about Zacharias other than that he is a creationist speaker at some conventions.  Piper was in MacArthur's circles when I was down there and signed some books for students at TMC once.  I guess it will be another convention where more will be duped.  Let's just hope people see through some of these lies.

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It's possible the Getty's could be Druids.  It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Druids know how to manipulate emotions with music.  I suppose that all musicians would know something about how their music manipulates emotions as well.  It's troubling that the Getty's promotes satanic rock musicians.  Wasn't Satan the chief musician in Heaven and so he would be an expert on how to effect people with music.  It does seem unusual that Macarthur would be speaking at a conference that headlines a song writing duo.   
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