John Macarthur's Heretical Sources
The following information has been taken from John Macarthur: Mainstreaming Paganism Within the Church.
In his book, "Slave", John Macarthur has deceptively concealed his sources in order to promote the agenda of the Emergent Church.  To what end is John MacArthur determined to prove that Christians are slaves of God and Christ?  
In the following I've taken the liberty to list some of the sources Macarthur used to "make" his case in "Slave" along with some of the vital information Macarthur concealed from his readers concerning the sources. This list only includes a very small fraction of the information contained in "John Macarthur's Heretical Sources" and "John Macarthur's Christian Slavery" which I strongly urge all Christians to read to fully understand the depth and breadth of Macarthur's evil devices and deceptions. 
Dale B. Martin--a Yale professor and an admitted homosexual "who blasphemes Jesus Christ as a homosexual."
Bart D Ehrman--"writes books that debunk the Bible and promote the false God and counterfeit Jesus found in non-canonical writings." 
Walter Wurzburger--a Rabbi and leader of Orthodox Judaism who promoted the Talmud and Kabbalah. "Why would John MacArthur also conceal the late Rabbi Walter Wurzburger’s Jewish title in his reference note?"
Janet Martin Soskice--a past president of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and "a feminist theologian whose books advocate for women in the priesthood and also for the Holy Spirit as female." 
Murray J Harris--a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School who denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Karl Heinrich Rengstorf--a German Lutheran theologian who promoted the teaching of the Jewish Kabbalist, Martin Buber, and who believed Jewish Hasidim "had a special mission to our time." 
James Aloysius Kleist--a Jesuit priest who referenced The First Epistle of Clement of Rome.
John Allen Giles--"rejected the dating and authenticity of the Old Testament as well as the apostolic authorship of the New Testament and he supported the views of formidable opponents of early Christianity, Celsus and Porphyry...Celsus was a second century Greek philosopher who wrote that Jesus was illegitimate and learned magic in Egypt. Porphyry was a third century neo-Platonist..."
J. Albert Harrill--"...rejects 'the old 'biblical theology' approach' and interprets passages of Scripture as a literary device, comparing them to Greek and Roman theater..."
Jennifer Glancy--"a Professor of Religious Studies at Le Moyne College, which was founded by the Jesuit intructor at Union Theological Seminary...Her research into the 'feminist sexual ethics' of Christian slavery has been funded by Ford Foundation..."
Reginald E. O. White--"Reginald E. O. White’s Christian Ethics is an apologetic for the 'social gospel' which feigned to embrace the moral principles taught by Jesus Christ as a ploy to move mankind into the New Age."
The Shepherd of Hermas--an Apocryphal work identified by Theosophist H. P. Blavatsky as a “kabbalistic text.”
The Epistle of Clement--an Apocryphal work
The Septuagint--a perverted translation written by Alexandrian Jews which included the Apocrypha.  
How many Christians who purchased "Slave" have been duped into believing Macarthur's thesis because they didn't take the time to check the heretical sources he used?