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"Pastor" Ken Ramey Giving Satanic Hand Signals from his Pulpit 

Ken Ramey of Lakeside Bible Church and John Macarthur disciple is seen giving the same occult-masonic-satanic-666 hand signal during different sermons.  

Ramey--sermon--triangle--best 3.jpg  

Ramey sermon--triangle--togther as 1--12-7.jpg 

Seen below giving the same sign is Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan. 

Anton Lavey triangle.jpg 


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This is truly mind-boggling.  I have a picture of R.C. Sproul hailing Satan at the end of one sermon (incidentally, I sent that picture to my now-former friend, the widow of the pastor who founded Grace church in Greeley, which Travis Allen now heads, but got no response from her, not surprisingly, I now realize), and when I went to Grace church on Easter 2015, I sat next to Travis's son, Nicolas.

After the service, Nicolas actually stood up and gave a prolonged Satanic salute to someone else in the congregation, then gave a slow nod of his head (I kept staring at him in disbelief, so I didn't see the target of the gesture). Looking back, it's interesting that Travis did not respond to this--yet he kicked me out of his car for my truthful witness and testimony that Jesus came to me in a dream in 1973!

Incidentally, when I pointed the wickedness of the Satanic salute, my now-former friend said, "It's just a harmless hand gesture."  I sent her pictures of unsavory characters like Anton la Vey and Darwin hailing Satan, but she never responded.
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