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"The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has placed The Master’s University on probation, citing a 'climate of fear, intimidation, bullying, and uncertainty among significant numbers of faculty and staff' among many other concerns.  Grace to You preacher John MacArthur is also the current president of TMU." (L).

Concerns have been cited as to the conflict of interest between John Macarthur's organizations and his son-in-law, Kory Welch.  This conflict of interest has been reported on this forum for many years.  One report can be read here.

"Of particular concern is a finding of conflict of interest involving president’s son-in-law Kory Welch who functions as an administrator. According to the action letter, this individual oversees contracts which have gone to friends and relatives.

"There is also mixing of staff and payments between MacArthur’s ministry Grace to You and TMU. For instance, on the 2015 990 form for Grace to You, John MacArthur’s son-in-law Kory Welch’s business were given nearly $790,000 for contract work.

"According to the report, the conflict of interest had been known for six months without any action. This was not acceptable to the accrediting commission and they recommended the school seek legal counsel to “insure resolution of all reported conflicts of interest.” (p. 44 of the report) (L).

The report can be read here.

The TMU action letter can be read here.

TMU should be shut down!  


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This is the best news we've gotten in a long time.  WASC is finally seeing through the window dressing and lies.  This is nothing but a cult and organized crime organisation disguised as a church and college.  The fact they were trying to pass GCC and TMU off as two separate units all this time is comical, since the money all goes into the same coffers.

I would have to say that a climate of fear, intimidation, bullying, and uncertainty is a great phrase to use to describe this organization.  It appears a few of their own employees snitched on them through anonomous reports to WASC.  Note that these people had to remain anonoymous or else they would get excommunicated from GCC and possibly lose their jobs, family, friends, and have to endure the harassment of this organization.  These people think nothing of getting physically violent as well.  It's been exposed, and it's like it says in the Bible, your sins will find you out.

Also they figured out MacArthur and his family and friends have been skimming from the till for years.  I know when the cult members hear of this they will probably try to spin this as religious persecution, but I hope they members will research this for themselves and get out of this destructive organization.  You're right, it should be shut down.  Let's hope this is the first step.

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Regarding TMU's probation a friend of mine emailed me this: "God has brought him up for a reckoning praise the Lord. We need a house cleaning from all these thugs."
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