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"Pastor" Ken Ramey Giving Satanic Hand Signals from his Pulpit 

Ken Ramey of Lakeside Bible Church and John Macarthur disciple is seen giving the same occult-masonic-satanic-666 hand signal during different sermons.  

Ramey--sermon--triangle--best 3.jpg  

Ramey sermon--triangle--togther as 1--12-7.jpg 

Seen below giving the same sign is Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan. 

Anton Lavey triangle.jpg 


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This is truly mind-boggling.  I have a picture of R.C. Sproul hailing Satan at the end of one sermon (incidentally, I sent that picture to my now-former friend, the widow of the pastor who founded Grace church in Greeley, which Travis Allen now heads, but got no response from her, not surprisingly, I now realize), and when I went to Grace church on Easter 2015, I sat next to Travis's son, Nicolas.

After the service, Nicolas actually stood up and gave a prolonged Satanic salute to someone else in the congregation, then gave a slow nod of his head (I kept staring at him in disbelief, so I didn't see the target of the gesture). Looking back, it's interesting that Travis did not respond to this--yet he kicked me out of his car for my truthful witness and testimony that Jesus came to me in a dream in 1973!

Incidentally, when I pointed the wickedness of the Satanic salute, my now-former friend said, "It's just a harmless hand gesture."  I sent her pictures of unsavory characters like Anton la Vey and Darwin hailing Satan, but she never responded.

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The satanic hand signals were made recently by Ken Ramey from his pulpit.  This behaviour should come as no surprise since we know he's a devout Macarthur-ite. 


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I'd like to add in case anyone says these are being given by accident, these signs are impossible to give by accident.  You have to make a conscious effort to put your hands into those positions.

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BJW,  You are making a great point.  These hand signs the Macarthur-ites are flashing can be no accident because of their difficulty.  Your statement reminds me of Rick Holland, who was an important pastor at Grace Community Church for 25 years.  I'd like someone to try to tell me that these signs which he is making with both of his hands are some accident (recall he's casting a spell with these particular signals).  


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Originally Posted by followerofchrist

This conference occurred a few weeks ago. 1. Michael Seehusen 2. Rick Holland 3. Ken Ramey. I'm going to show you the connections.

Daneille Seehusen (Hurley) her husband is Shannon Hurley.
Capture3.png This is Michael Seehusens sister and brother in law Daneille Seehusen Hurley and her husband Shannon Hurley. they started SOS Ministries (sufficiency of scripture) in UGANDA.

Pastor at Placerita Baptist Church Santa Clarita California Adam Tyson is head Pastor
  Capture32.png Lisa Seehusen Tyson sister to Danielle Hurley and Michael Seehusen her husband Adam was youth pastor at lbc.

Del Seehusen Father of Daneille, Michael, and Lisa


So I will make the connections for everyone. Adam Tyson was the youth pastor at Ken Ramey's church for six years. At the time of the child who was raped he left for california to be head pastor at PBC. Ken was his mentor and he met his wife at lbc when they were teens.

Del Seehusen is


About | Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries

Del Seehusen Vice President of sos

Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries: Luweero, Uganda > SOS USA/Canada

Del Seehusen, Vice PresidentLakeside Bible Church, Montgomery, TX

He and his wife also own a cleaning business ( Natural Cleaning Services) they took over cleaning lbc , clean for NORAMCO among other members in the church homes and businesses.

As you can see this family is well connected to ken. They all started with lbc.  Makes you wonder about the church split at Walden Community Church ramey caused. If a lot of this was preplanned with some key people. The seehusen's didn't just come out of nowhere.

Rick Holland and ken are good friends and a share speaking platforms often.

Michael seehusen who just went to fiji was on staff at placerita baptist church prior to leaving for fiji a few months ago. I'm sure he still draws a paycheck from pbc.

Kens church isn't a church its possibly a training ground. These guys seem to flock together in family clusters.

Billy Blakey (former youth pastor who took adam tysons place) father pastors a church in San Antonio. His church is on your blog with the occult symbols on the church building.
his brothers are also pastors in different churches in California.

Billy blakey left and went to one of his brothers church.

Blake Boyce(former music minister at lbc) brothers are also pastors he left lbc to go to one of his brothers churches in california.

Tim Drumm Trained under Adam Tyson at ken rameys church lbc as a teenager .

Adam Tyson is former Youth Pastor at lbc.

I apologize if this is a bit unorganized.

It's also important to note that Adam, Blake, and Billy brought the pagan games to the church introduced it to the kids. With kens approval i'm sure.


I apologize for the small photo but you can go to pbc and read his profile.

There are more connections that can be posted.

I wanted to give those outside this circle just how close these connections are.

Sammy Williams is another connection. His wife was written about on this blog.

Sammy Williams is located in Goa India where he and his wife are missionaries.


Rick Holland well here is a quote in Ken Ramey's book where Holland praises his book Expository Listening


all of these photos are posted on the internet by each of these people discussed. Nothing was put on this site from a private media outlet.


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Follower of Christ, Thanks for this info.  You said:

"It's also important to note that Adam, Blake, and Billy brought the pagan games to the church introduced it to the kids. With kens approval i'm sure."

It seems one agenda of the Macarthur-ites is to initiate Christian youth into the occult world.  And I can't help but repeat that this is being done as well by Ken's evil friend, Rick Holland, with his Ascend Camp.  If Christians read this report, then I think they would be stunned that this camp is being promoted by professing Christians.

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Those pictures brought back some memories and were kinda sad.  Shannon, Danielle, and Adam were friends of mine that had to shun me when I left.  I hate to see they are still involved in this and are even occupying important positions.  I also hate to see that Adam was corrupted to the point of being involved in this and bringing paganism to these kids, but the brainwashing gets to the point where the organization comes first I guess.  We need to pray these people come to their senses.  I hope other missionaries go to Uganda to clear up the confusion MacArthur's materials will cause.

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Dan Dumas

Dan Dumas: Chairman of SOS/USA Ministries

One can see here that the Chairman of the Board for SOS/USA Ministries is Dan Dumas.  Dumas is also a professor at Al Mohler's Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  This can be seen here

Dan Dumas: Kentucky Czar for adoption and foster care

For the last year, the Governor of Kentucky has appointed Dan Dumas "to be a 'Czar' for adoption and foster care" for the state of Kentucky.  One can see this here.  For this position as Czar, Dumas will be earning $240,000/year plus bonuses.  "In comparison, Bevin is paid $142,977 a year as governor." 

The same article states that not everyone is happy with Dumas' large salary.  "I hope he’s worth the money for what he’s doing and can accomplish everything the state needs but that amount of salary speaks of disrespect for what state workers are doing..."

Dan Dumas: Another military man hired by Macarthur

According to The Lexington Herald Leader, "Dumas served in the U.S. Navy and is a published author and professor of Christian ministry and leadership."  Perhaps therefore it was his military background that landed him his job at Macarthur's church. 

Dan Dumas:  Agent of Change

The following quote in the same newspaper actually speaks volumes about Dumas:  "Dumas could not be immediately reached for comment. In a news release, he vowed to be an agent of change on behalf of children and families."

So Dumas has vowed (which is against God) to be an "agent of change".  Why can't Dan Dumas simply say that he'll follow God or God's Word concerning foster care issues in Kentucky?  Why does he say he'll be a change agent?  

Due to his close association with Al Mohler, I have doubted that Dan Dumas is a Christian and the fact that the Governor of Kentucky has hired him to be an "agent of change" for this large salary only goes to further those doubts. 

The article goes on:

"The new czar has 'real potential as a catalyst for change..."

"Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said in a news release that Dumas 'will continue to contribute to Southern Seminary as special assistant to the president for several strategic projects.'"

"Before coming to the seminary, Dumas was pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., and earned degrees from Criswell College and The Master’s Seminary."

This gives further evidence that The Master's Seminary is a training ground for "Christian" facilitators / change agents.

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