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According to The Alabama Media Group,

"The Rev. Harry Walls III, senior pastor of Shades Mountain Independent Church in Hoover, has announced that he's retiring as pastor to take a position with The Master's College in Santa Clarita, California."

"Walls said his mentor, John MacArthur, president of The Master's College and Seminary, has invited Walls to join the staff there, "preaching, teaching and discipling future pastors and leaders."

Who is the Rev. Harry Walls III? 

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We will know them by their fruit.  Who is Harry Walls, a man who boasts that John Macarthur is his mentor?  

It's telling that he is a member of the Board of Directors of "Mission Birmingham" (MB).  MB is a communitarian organization whose goal is community transformation.  The following has been taken from the MB website. 


Community Transformation

The whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city. 

2014 Objective
Mission Birmingham brings leaders together to encourage partnerships and create strategies to mobilize volunteers that solve the issues we face in the Birmingham metro area. 

Mission Birmingham began at a Pastors’ Prayer Summit in 1998 where 85 pastors and ministry leaders gathered at Shocco Springs Conference Center to spend four days together seeking God in prayer. Since that moment in time, God has continued to use us to see significant Kingdom initiatives developed by a large number of diverse local churches and ministries.

Mission Birmingham uses its extensive network in Birmingham to connect people and organizations. 

Mission Birmingham convenes leaders to develop strategic initiatives to effectively impact our community.

Transformation happens one person – one family – one neighborhood – one community at a time. Birmingham is experiencing the beginning stages of that transformation – but a fresh paradigm is needed.

Mission Birmingham is that paradigm for transformation. Fifteen years of building relationships across our city positions us to:

  • foster relational partnerships
  • create effective strategies; and 
  • mobilize volunteers. 

Will you join us on the journey of transformation?

Will you be the change our city needs?

Though Mission Birmingham began at a Pastors’ Prayer Summit in 1998 where 85 pastors and ministry leaders gathered, Mission Birmingham is not a Christian organization.  MB is using churches and Christians in partnership with business and government to subvert God's authority structure by facilitating a transformation to a "new paradigm" or new way of thinking and acting that is rebellious and which will result in a "new" communitarian world order apart from God.

See What is the Church Growth Movement? to learn more.     


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I listened to Rev. Harry Walls III answer questions about prayer in this 7 minute long video on the 6:4 website
What struck me was that in just the first half of this video he managed to use the following terms to answer questions about prayer: "modeling," "new paradigm," "facilitators," "relational development," "data assessment"....
Now none of these terms come from God's word, but rather from man-made organizational models.  Specifically, these terms which are now so often used by church leaders come from Peter Drucker, Total Quality Management, Leadership Network, Buford, Warren..   
How and where exactly did Rev Walls learn this "new-speak"?  Though I don't have that answer,  I would believe that Rev. Walls has been successful in implementing this "new paradigm" change program within the Shades Mountain congregation.  And in light of this, let's keep in mind that Rev. Walls has stated publicly that John Macarthur is his mentor. 

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This guy is not the only one closely mentored by JM you need to pat attention to some key people that I'm going to mention here. The first is Ken Ramey @ Lakeside Bible Church in Montgomery Texas this guy I'm alleging gets his P's and Q's directly from JM and he has made it no secret in his sermons. He promote s other men's books and heavily JM books and bibles sells these books at his church In thebeautiful much larger book store. These pastors if you look at their website everyone of them have a building fund on buildings which take years to complete! Then it's always if they do complete another building that is dragged out! Adam Tyson, Tim Drum , Billy Blakey, Blake Boys these hugs are not all pastors but come from GCC and TMS who came to Kens church to be onice staff and all have left to serve in Adam Tysons church (placerita Baptist Church ) in California Blake Boys brothers church or something like that , and now Billy Blakey is heading back after 2 years when they just bought a house when they moved here in an upscale community. So you take a youth pastor position buy a pricey home just to leave shortly after taking a youth pastor position and sell it??? oh and don't get me started on the other stuff, just saying that keeping an eye on these men by reading about them is probably wise. Ken it appears is an up and coming miniature John MacArthur take a look at his church and how much they claim it brings in a year. By the way it seems officially based on the church directories that they have a minimum and max of 200 members and the rest are visitors. The weekly count is about 500-600 in a small community of walden and montgomery. Conroe is about 13 miles away and everywhere else is about the same or further away! They average between 16,000 to 24,000 a week! Not to bad in a community where the average income is between 70,000 - 150,000 a year! Do the math people. Oh yeah and I did take notice that the sermons he did at the Shepherds conference in Pretoria Africa May 22-24th 2015 well he has been wiped off of that churches website along with his sermons as much as they could wipe it away. Phil Johnson now has 1 sermon left up from that weekend I wonder what they don't want others to know ? Since LBC was put in the spot light here on another post by the mentioning of him clearly dividing a church and splitting it after 2 months if his arrival Walden Community Church in Walden Tx He took 150 of its 200 members according to him in the sermon he preached in Pretoria Africa this year!!!! He said it himself and said he discussed it with his mentor John MacArthur and if my post is ever challenged I got the sermon downloaded and every single one they removed!!!!! Kens own words not mine by the way. Yes ken the shady stuff you have been hiding and doing will be coming into the light. You are a phony and have hurt many as JM has. He seemed to have trained you well but there are those of us who will now challenge you to face what you preach to others. Either you will acknowledge it and repent or you will continue to destroy yourself
Mark Shriver

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Harry Walls III looks like another "Christian" to stay far away from.
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