Skull & Crossbones Banner Flown High at John Macarthur's Regeneration Summer Camp
The following has been excerpted from John Macarthur: Mainstreaming Paganism in the Church.
"A banner of the Masonic Skull & Crossbones was flown high at the 2013 Regeneration Camp." 
"The Skull & Crossbones is prominent in Scotland where Scottish Rite Freemasonry was instituted before it was exported around the world.  
  'According to later Freemasonic writers, the skull-and-crossbones was long associated with both the Templars and with the murdered Master... During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the skull-and-crossbones was used as a device to denote Hiram’s grave—and, by extension, the grave of any Master Mason... The skull-and-crossbones was also an important part of the regalia of the Freemasonic degree known as ‘Knight Templar’ and it figures prominently at Kilmartin and elsewhere in Scotland, along with other Masonic emblems.' (The Temple & The Lodge, pp. 129-130)
The Order of Skull & Bones also called the 'Brotherhood of Death' derives its name from this symbol of human sacrifice:
  'Secret Societies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones and Illuminati regularly engage in very specific ritualistic ceremonies and practices which are used to call up the various dark entities or ‘gods‘ that they worship. The elite believe that this is the source from where much of their knowledge and power is obtained. Much of the elite (bloodlines) believe that they are actually direct descendents of these ‘gods’. While it’s true that some of their knowledge and power is gained this way, the actual process is mostly reversed with the dark entities drawing from the energy that is freely given to them during various rituals and ceremonies.... Large gatherings of people who engage (knowingly or unknowingly) in ritualistic practices, provide very high concentrations of energy which help make them stronger.'"(2012 Olympics: Occult Symbolism & Mind Programming)