Two John Macarthur Ministries that Connect to the United Nations: TMAI South Africa and TMAI Russia
Pastor Coertze is a leader of a Baptist World Alliance (UN-NGO) member organization
The TMAI center in South Africa is called Christ Baptist Church Seminary or Christ Seminary. The Christ Baptist Church website states that “Christ Baptist Church has 3 basic arms, one being the congregation reflected through its membership, the other being our seminary called Christ Seminary and then our mission arm called Samaria Mission.”
The senior pastor of Christ Baptist Church since 1989 has been Nicki Coertze. According to the TMAI website, Pastor Coertze has served on the National Executive Committee of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa for 14 years. He has also lead the denomination “on both associational and national levels as President.” The Baptist Union of Southern Africa is a member of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). The BWA is an NGO in consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council.
Christ Seminary trains men who they have “already identified as faithful and capable” through “an in-service, church-based program which combines rigorous studies with local church involvement.” Their “modular program is nine days in class, and 21 days back in the village.” While the students are in the village, the seminary teachers “can provide an accurate assessment of their progress.” According to a TMAI newsletter, these students will be filling “the many empty pulpits in South Africa.” These students will be interns in the churches to which the seminary sends them.
One church leader who takes in Christ Seminary interns has labeled his church as “essentially a live lab for them.” His church, Grace Christian Church, “has become a lab in which Christ Seminary’s students prove what they are learning in class.” With the help of Christ Seminary grads, this pastor hopes to establish “a model church” or “a training church.” He says, “It’s very much the strategy in Africa—to replicate working churches.” This is about the establishment of a “teaching church” which replicates the TQM process elsewhere. It’s similar to McDonalds franchising their original store. Did Spurgeon get his start by being “supervised, “mentored,” and “assessed,” in the “live labs” of a “church-based modular program?”
The TMAI website has asked for prayer that Christ Seminary will get through the registration process with the Higher Education Qualification Council. Their status as a seminary was being decided by the Department of Education. It looks like Christ Seminary did receive government accreditation because the website states, “Due to its accreditation, two of the professors at Christ Seminary, Steve Plodinec and Dave Beakley, are required to have a PhD.” It’s clear that Christ Seminary is conforming to government standards.
Christ Baptist Church (CBC) is pastored by Nicki Coertze. Their website states that CBC “has a host of ministries to various age groups…” The website says, “Cell groups form a crucial aspect of encouraging closer fellowship and relationships in the body…” The CBC website lists several “growth groups” along with their meeting times. The CBC “Youth Ministry” is called “Rattpack” which is an acronym. Regarding Rattpack: “Discipleship is an integral part of the group, and to accommodate this we have many small groups that meet throughout the week…”
The CBC “Junior Youth Ministry” is called “The Core” which is another acronym. Their symbol is the triquetra overlapping the sign for radioactivity. A triquetra is actually a satanic symbol that means 666. The mission of “The Core” is “to find your identity.” The Core website asks, “Are you going to be part of this vision?” The Core site says that “God is shining down and we need to reflect him.” “We have a purpose; we need a vision; we are more than Junior Youth.”
In March 2007, Grace Community Church hosted a TMAI Advisory Council luncheon. Directors from TMAI’s worldwide centers were present as was John Macarthur who spoke to the TMAI leaders. At this Advisory Council meeting Nicki Coertze asked, “How do we impact a continent as large as Africa which has 53 countries? The only way to change is to fill the pulpits of Africa with men to teach, train and live the Bible.” He went on to say, “We have ships without pilots at this point. But the ships are there. The gospel has been part of Africa for 2000 years.” Mr. Coertze, a leader of a UN-NGO member org, wants to “impact” and “change” Africa. The impression is given that Africa is filled with Christian congregations patiently waiting and praying for an organization like TMAI to come along and fill their empty pulpits. What kind of trained leaders will TMAI South Africa send to fill these pulpits? Will they be traditional Christians or transformational leaders sent to “impact” and “change?”
Samaria Mission is the missions arm of Christ Baptist Church (TMAI South Africa). It has both a mission and vision statement. Its mission: “…to be obedient to the great commission by effectively becoming involved in the process of church planting through evangelism, discipleship, church development and social upliftment.” Its vision: “…to be faithful to the command of Christ…through the efforts of evangelism, discipleship and development of strong local churches that in turn can reproduce. To train nationals to reach nationals is a top priority.” “Our vision is to see the world saved.”
To achieve their goals, they first send “a team who evangelizes an area.” Then, “a second team follows up with an in depth discipleship of these new believers.” This team also “identifies leaders.” And “a third group then constructs the physical building for the church to gather in. Thereafter we need to train leaders to pastor these churches.” A “further goal is to assist these people by helping them to raise aid in the form of wells, clothes, medical clinics, etc.”
Samaria Mission wants to “present the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to unreached people groups.” Reaching “people groups” is a strategy employed by the church growth movement. World Partners USA also wants to “reach people groups.” The rationale behind this is the notion that if you can get a leader of a “people group” or “tribe” to believe in Christ, then the others in that particular people group will follow the leader and also believe in Christ.
Many church growth orgs will state that they want to train indigenous church leaders. The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is organizing the Earth into bioregions ruled by their indigenous pagan tribes. These pagan tribes will eventually oversee all religious institutions within their respective bioregions. This Satanic agenda originated from a report called “Rethinking Missions” issued in 1932 by the John D Rockefeller Jr. financed Layman’s Foreign Missions Inquiry. “Rethinking Missions” recommended a gradual transfer of power to indigenous churches. 
Samaria Mission is also in Mozambique. According to their website, “There are many areas in the country where there are un-reached and least reached people groups.” “We desire to reach the people of Mozambique by evangelizing them and by planting churches. Our focus is to develop these new churches with discipleship of the new converts and in leadership training.” “Church growth is taking place [in Mozambique] but…there is little or no infrastructure.” Their “teams assist us in: Preaching the Gospel, men’s and women’s ministry through bible teaching, children’s ministry through bible teaching and crafts, medical ministry, orphan feeding, well drilling, and construction projects.”
As of 2006, Samaria Mission offered a “Train & Multiply Leadership Course” which was presented to churches in Mozambique. Under the headline “Church and Leadership Development” it said, “The goal of our discipleship ministry is to reach the world for Jesus Christ by producing reproducing Christian leaders through the ministry of disciple making, thus fully obeying the great commission.” In church growth orgs, “disciple making” is leadership training which is change agent training. These change agents then reproduce themselves as they transform others.
As of 2 years ago, Samaria Mission ran the “Missions Leadership Development School (MLDS).” (The school no longer exists as this entity.) The “purpose of the MLDS is [was] to train and equip…new staff, in order to bond them to the Mission staff…” The MLDS emphasized that learning shouldn’t be only theoretical. Regarding this learning MLDS stated, “It is the difference between leadership training which imparts knowledge and leadership development which develops the person.” MLDS is saying that though there may be a leadership training which employs didactic teaching and just “imparts knowledge,” their “leadership development develops the person.” It changes the person. R Warren and other church growth change agents often promote a “people building process” for the church.
I have read the Samaria Mission orientation manual for would be missionaries to places like Mozambique. The orientation manual makes it clear that any would be missionary will have almost no freedom and will be completely subordinate to his team leader. You will “work as a team” as “training teams will consist of an overall group leader and smaller team leaders…” Under the headline “Standards and Practical Information” is a rule for missionaries which states, “Avoid any political or religious arguments.” In going on these missionary trips, ones schedule and nearly everything one does will be closely controlled and pre-determined.
Samaria Mission, the mission arm of GCC’s TMAI South Africa, lists several “partner churches” that support their missions. Let’s take a very brief look at some of these partner churches that have websites. Will these partners be Christian churches or will they all be transformational, Communitarian churches?
One Samaria Mission partner is called The First Baptist Church of Orange Park in Florida. The First Baptist Church of Orange Park is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO). Under the headline, “connect in a small group,” their website states, “We believe the small group is a key to growing healthy as a believer in Christ. It's within the small group that relationships develop and honest answers can be found.” “We encourage all believers to be part of one small group meeting each week.” This church also encourages volunteer community involvement. “We encourage you to find a place to serve within our community. This may be volunteering at the hospital, visiting local nursing homes, being a homeroom mom or dad at your child's school, coaching youth sports at the YMCA or OPAA, or many other ways. It may just be helping out your neighbor. Whatever you discover, find a way to show Christ in your community.” They want you to “show Christ” through volunteer work (social gospel). “Preaching Christ” would be divisive and anti-Communitarian. The First Baptist Church of Orange Park is also encouraging involvement in a 2-day “Just Give Me Jesus” event with Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter.
The First Baptist Church of Orange Park has an “Upward” sports ministry for children. Its symbol is a 5-pointed star. Their motto is “Every Child is a Winner.” The unique rules to Upward Basketball “promote character and self-esteem.” In an attempt to eliminate “negative feedback” given to an official, “Coaches, referees, and parents work together as a unified team to stop the Circle of Criticism by implementing the Circle of Affirmation instead.” “Following each game, teams and parents gather together as each player is awarded an iron-on star, which is intended to build the player’s self-esteem and team spirit.” What kind of “team spirit” is being built? How does this 5-pointed “iron-on star” build “team spirit?” A 5-pointed star is a pentagram. A pentagram is a symbol for Masonry, Satanism and Witchcraft. A pentagram attracts demons and can be used to invoke demons.
The First Baptist Church of Orange Park explains that “it’s time for a makeover…for our women’s ministry.” So, they are “introducing ‘Girlfriends Unlimited.’” “Women today are looking for fresh and fun ways to connect with other women and with Jesus. They want something new and different. Something relevant and relational that meets them where they are. Girlfriends Unlimited centers on bringing women together in casual, fun settings so that they can meet new friends or are comfortable bringing old friends. It offers over-the-top themed events called G! Events where women might play games, experience pampering, or find entertainment. Or they may engage in helpful demonstrations (maybe the three top self-defense techniques) or create crafts. No matter what, it’s good ol’ fashioned fun! Girlfriends Unlimited also offers smaller, monthly “Girlfriends' Night Out” experiences that gather the women in your group together to connect with one another. We’ll provide the how-to guides with themes like spa, fitness, creative expression, and more.”
Another Samaria Mission partner is Bethany Baptist Church in Illinois. They link to Promise Keepers, they have a partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ, and they have several small groups called “Adult Bible Communities (ABC).” ABC’s provide “a small church within a big church community.” Some are “care groups” to provide “a quick connection with a smaller group of believers.” (In church growth, a “CARE” group can stand for “create a relational environment.”) Bethany offers a class called “Discovering Spiritual Shape.” A member of Bethany may serve there “as a disciple-maker.” “The goal of all discipleship is to produce mature men and women who eventually become disciple-makers themselves.” I wonder if the reader has ever made a disciple. Have you ever “reproduced?”
How can one serve as a disciple-maker at Bethany Baptist? “The normal process of becoming a Bethany Disciple-Maker is to 1) go through Bethany’s process of discipleship (a process where you will be personally discipled with Bethany Discipleship resources. This process ranges from 1 ½ - 2 ½ years); 2) obtain the recommendation of your Disciple-Maker to serve as a Disciple-Maker; 3) be willing to serve as a spiritual mentor to other Christians; 4) attend our Annual Disciple-Maker orientation and training meeting; 5) Next you will be placed in our pool of qualified Bethany Disciple-Makers and assigned a Discipleship Committee Member as your point-of-contact (POC) to encourage & help you in your future ministry of discipleship.”
Under “Bethany’s Discipleship Strategy” it states that “discipleship is a life-impartation process.” “Discipleship is a relationship between a growing believer and a growing mature believer in which the discipler imparts his/her life with a goal of progressively reproducing Christlikeness through the process of the study of the Word and service to God.”
One ministry of Bethany Baptist Church is called Evangelism Explosion (EE). EE is a ministry founded by the late D James Kennedy. Kennedy was a prominent change agent, member of the Council for National Policy, and a false teacher who promoted astrology. (“The False Gospel in the Stars.”) EE equips pastors and laypeople in “Leadership Training Clinics.” The language used in this ministry is blatantly transformational.
Another Samaria Mission (TMAI South Africa) partner is Denver Baptist Church in North Carolina. Denver Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO) and they link to Focus on the Family (UN-NGO). The Denver Church motto is “a place to connect.” Sounds more like the motto for a coffee shop. They have a small group ministry called “Life Groups.” What is a life group? “A LIFE group is a small group of people at the same stage in life. Each week your group will be talking about different biblical truths. But it isn’t a lecture, it is a group talking about life and how the Bible speaks to us. But it is more than a Bible study. It is a time to enjoy spending time with other people, to eat together, to laugh together, and to build strong relationships with others in our family of faith.” When they say, “It isn’t a lecture,” they mean it isn’t a didactic (traditional) bible study. The groups are for human relationship building. Their “discipleship ministry” is called “core training.”
Denver Baptist’s “Community Impact” hosts a Community Golf League. Denver Baptist Church has a kids sports ministry called “Upward.” “The primary focus of Upward is to develop the Winner in EVERY child, not just a few…we are able to build a league that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem…” “Upward” looks like a ministry that James Dobson would endorse. One event at Denver Baptist is NASCAR night. “…join us for an evening of NASCAR.” “There will be Pit Crew demonstrations, food and door prizes.” They are planning a Hawaii mission trip. At the Baptist Conference Center in Hawaii they will be working at “landscaping, light construction, painting, mowing grass, weedeating,” and other projects.
Denver Baptist provides a Spiritual Gifts Test for its members. The answers are “seldom,” “sometimes,” “often” or “always.” Here are just a few questions: “I have put effective plans into place to meet group goals.” “If a group doesn’t have a leader, I will lead it.” “I tend to see the potential in people.” “I regularly need to get alone to reflect and develop my imagination.” “I can visualize a coming event, anticipate potential problems, and develop backup plans.”
Another Samaria Mission partner listed is Fielder Road Baptist Church in Texas. Fielder Road is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO). Fielder Road also wants you to “get connected.” Under the headline, “Get Connected,” it states, “…most of the action around our church won’t happen in any of our services—it will happen in the context of you building relationships with other people.” Fielder Road “offers an ever expanding continuum of relational connection.” Their Fielder Road “GroupLife” page gives info on many different small groups to connect with. One headline on the Fielder Road site states, “It’s about life change.” Not about Jesus Christ? Fielder Road invites you “to join us for a life long journey of personal growth and purposeful living.” On the Fielder Road site under “about us” it states, “Our desire is to show you Jesus Christ like you have never seen Him before.” It goes on: “You’ll find in many ways we are small. In fact, we’re actually a network of small groups.” What’s the Fielder Road (FR) vision? “Fielder Road exists to do whatever it takes to reach people and build a community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” Community building is a goal of church growth and Communitarianism. Get everyone synthesized in small groups. They have ministries “meeting the diverse needs of both our church family and the surrounding community.” The transformational language at Fielder Road is blatant, but obviously many with itching ears have been fooled into believing that the Fielder Road leaders are really showing Jesus Christ “like you have never seen Him before.” The Fielder Road “Christ” is the relationship building Christ of diversity, tolerance, compromise and unity.
Fielder Road Baptist Church runs “Life Change University.” On the Life Change University page under “Get Connected,” it states, “…GroupLife offers everyone a place to connect… At Fielder, we value GroupLife because life-change happens best in a smaller, more intimate, relational setting.” “GroupLife is your key to community at Fielder Road.” “Neighborhood small groups are specifically designed to foster meaningful relationships and life-change…” If one takes courses at Life Change University, then, naturally, one can “expect a Life Change.” Keep in mind that this “church” is partnering with John Macarthur’s GCC ministry, TMAI South Africa
Another TMAI South Africa partner listed is PaulAnn Baptist Church in Texas. PaulAnn Baptist Church is another transformational ministry and another member of the Southern Baptist Convention (UN-NGO). According to their website, “We believe that Christian growth happens best in a small group setting. That is why we are a church of small groups. We believe that small groups are the place where sustained life change occurs. We call our small groups Community Life Groups (CLG’s).” “CLG’s build authentic relationships with other PaulAnn members in small group gatherings.” A CLG will “help [you] meet the needs of others in the group.” The PaulAnn Baptist Church Purpose statement is “To provide an environment where people can develop authentic lasting relationships…” Under “About Us,” the website states, “Why not try out one of our high-energy, life-changing services this weekend and see what God might have in store for you here at PaulAnn.” The childrens’ ministry at PaulAnn is called The Kids’ Korner. Within this ministry is the following ministry description: “Kidstuf is not a children’s program but a family ministry for all. We are here to help you transform your child into a spiritual champion!” Their Men’s Ministry coordinates Promise Keeper conferences.
PaulAnn Baptist Church, through their “Project IMPACT,” has found their place and function within the Communitarian system. “Project IMPACT exists to impact the Concho Valley in a positive way by providing services to meet needs and serve as a connection point between schools, churches, and social organizations. Project IMPACT believes that these institutions share common ground (i.e. to impact the lives of people) and therefore should form a strategic alliance to have a positive impact on people and families living in the community. Project IMPACT exists to facilitate such alliances and offer individualized services in order to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs within our community.”
Another Samaria Mission partner is Westmoreland Baptist Church in North Carolina. Westmoreland Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. They have the cross and crown symbol on a couple pages of their website. One example is in the middle of the webpage here. The cross and crown is a Masonic symbol. It can be seen here as the symbol for the Grand Commandery Knights Templar New York. In addition to the Knights Templar, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Science (both having Masonic connections) have used the cross and crown.
“The Cross and Crown may be said to be confined almost exclusively to the historical degrees in Masonry as exemplified in the various orders of knighthood of York and Scottish rites. In Gaul we find the cross to have been a solar symbol when it had equal arms and angles; to the Phoenicians it was an instrument of sacrifice to their God, Baal; and to the Egyptians, the crux ansata was his symbol of eternal life.” (Ray V. Denslow, Masonic Portraits, Transactions of the Missouri Lodge of Research, vol. #29, p.7—-emphasis in the original) (“LaHaye's Masonic Connections”)
There was a link on the Westmoreland Baptist Church website [their new website has no links] to “World Changers.” This is a ministry of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention. It looks like World Changers gets Christians engaged in volunteer construction projects.
One link on the Westmoreland Baptist Church website was to “Neighborhood Connections.” This website states, “Imagine the impact if members of your church increased the number of meaningful relationships right in their own neighborhoods by ten-fold.” It goes on to say, “Imagine the effect on both church and community when your people actually build and maintain multiple lasting, meaningful relationships within strolling distance of their own front doors (and feel deeply satisfied doing it).” Neighborhood Connections has come up with a strategy to help churches build these relationships. They say, “We came upon just such an idea, a transformational strategy any-sized, one that costs little and dramatically leverages resources, and that works naturally and seamlessly within 21st-Century American culture.” They go on to offer a strategy: “First identify a purpose shared by the church, by the neighbors, by the community, and by God.” They want diversity to focus on one issue they find in common and then set aside their differences and unify around that issue. This is the synthesis phase of the dialectic process. The issue they chose was world hunger.
This last example from their site shows the true intent Neighborhood Connections has for the churches and the community: “Once friendships have formed, once people begin to talk with neighbors at a truly meaningful level about their dreams and needs, once Christians are praying about what really matters to each neighbor (and some answers to prayer appear), once enough time has elapsed that neighbors can tell the interest is sincere and lasting rather than some quick outreach campaign, then any number of doors can – and do – open wide. Neighborhood Bible studies form, or grow.Mothers’ prayer groups appear. Neighborhood fellowship groups proliferate. Small group ministry is empowered. New neighborhood-based small groups form. Existing small groups gain new members naturally. Neighborhood-based Angel Tree ministry can develop. Neighborhood Christmas gatherings become more widespread. God-given dreams for family and community begin to be fulfilled. Neighborhood self-help ministries emerge. De-churched Christians find connections. Unchurched neighbors know where to turn in a crisis. Churches uncover ministry opportunities previously unknown. Church and community support develops for specific needs. Ministry becomes driven by neighborhood-based Christians, instead of church staff.Community and neighborhood improvement projects evolve.Cooperation, partnerships among area churches develop. City-reaching strategies are empowered. Community transformation dreams begin to get legs.”
Will any in this transformed community be saved? True Christians in this community will be deemed “inadaptable to change” and will be made unwelcome in the “neighborhood-based small groups.” The true Christian will be incapable of taking part in this community transformation. The true authors of this “community transformation dream” are Communitarian change agents.
TMAI Russia’s Head Pastor and Host Church are Connected to the Baptist World Alliance, a UN-NGO
Another TMAI training center in Russia is called Samara Preacher’s Institute and Theological Seminary. Samara Preacher’s Institute operates under the umbrella of Transfiguration Baptist Church. The rector of Transfiguration Church is Victor Ryaguzov. Pastor Ryaguzov is a Vice-President of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (UECB). According to the Academic Dean of Samara Preacher’s Institute, Brad Klassen, “the church that hosts Samara Preachers’ Institute and Theological Seminary is a Baptist Union church (Transfiguration Baptist in Samara.)” The Baptist Union referred to is UECB. Brad Klassen goes on to state that Transfiguration Baptist Church “is registered [with the Russian government] to provide training seminars, conferences, etc.” According to Brad Klassen, “our rector [Victor Ryaguzov] (the man who had the initial vision, and who invited us to help train pastors) is part of the Baptist Union leadership.”
What we learn from the information above is that the TMAI Russia center’s host church, Transfiguration Baptist Church, is registered with the Russian government and is a member of the UECB and the church’s head, Victor Ryaguzov, is a Vice-President of UECB. Why is this noteworthy? It’s noteworthy because the UECB (Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists) is a member of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) which is a UN-NGO dedicated to the one-world, globalist, anti-Christ agenda.
Samara Preacher’s Institute (TMAI Russia) has extended its training to include an area in Russia called the city of Krasnodar. Samara Preacher’s Institute was invited to train pastors in this region in 2005 by Nicolai Sobolev who already pastored a church in that region. Pastor Sobolev is also a Vice-President of UECB, the BWA member org.
According to the TMAI website, the Slavic Gospel Association ( has donated books to TMAI Russia. Bill Molinari, TMAI board member, has been a member of the SGA board according to his TMAI bio. According to the SGA website, SGA is an international ministry that operates “an office staffed by nationals at the headquarters of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia in Moscow.” The SGA website goes on to state, “Since 1997, SGA has been privileged to serve as the official representative of the Russian UECB in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand