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Dee Parsons of The Wartburg Watch has made a career of exposing “Patriarchal” churches whose overseers cover-up the presence of pedophiles who have molested children. However, Dee is okay with TWW’s E-Church pastor, Wade Burleson, who allows two convicted pedophiles to attend his church “incognito.” According to Burleson, members of his church are not made aware of the presence of these pedophiles in their midst; only the “paid and volunteer staff” of the church know of their identity and sex offenses.

Wade Burleson is the pastor of Emmanuel Enid Church, a Southern Baptist church in Enid, Oklahoma.  Parents of the children who attend this church have no idea there are two convicted pedophiles who attend the church. Burleson assumes that if the staff members of the church know their identity, he has fulfilled his obligation to the church. But how is this cover-up any different than the cover-up of pedophilia by Sovereign Grace Ministries, which Dee Parsons of TWW abhors?

Burleson’s rationale is that "sin is sin" and the immoral desires of pedophiles are no worse than any other sexual desire or orientation—such as homosexuality and adultery. According to Burleson, child pornography and pedophilia are more serious only because they are illegal in the United States. Burleson leaves open the possibility that someday pedophilia will become legal in the USA, in which case it will not be a crime and therefore not more serious than homosexuality or adultery.  

As a matter of fact, the legalization of pedophilia is a major objective of the LGBT agenda and is presently on a fast track.  LGBT will soon become LGBTP, and Wade Burleson seems to know this!  For more info on this most important matter, read: The Age of Aquarius and Barack Obama: Rider on the White Horse.

The following are selected excerpts from Wade Burleson’s blog post on pedophilia. Notice that except for a few comments, the entire discussion is about the "illegality" of pedophilia, as if being a crime alone makes it more serious than other sexual sins. The few posts copied below are not representative of the comments on Burleson's blog post, most of which seem to agree with Burleson. 

“Loving the Homosexual, the Pedophiliac, the Adulterer, the Masturbator, and the Fornicator in Your Life (Which Includes You): The Power of Grace and Truth”

This week I have had a couple of outstanding conversations with people who were upset that I placed homosexuals, adulterers and pedophiliacs in the same category in something I recently wrote. "Pedophiliacs are different!" my friends said. "What they do is illegal! They use power and a desire for control to abuse an innocent child for personal gratification!"

What I had written that caused their offense was the following: "People may be born with a heart predisposed toward a desire to have sex with people of the same gender (homosexuality), just as people may be born with heart predisposed with a desire to have sex with other married people (adultery), or children (pedophilia), etc... Having the tendency (desire) to sin sexually is part of being a sinner. Finding freedom from acting out on that desire to sexually sin is part of being a Christian."

Notice that I was writing about desire when I wrote of the commonality of sexual sins.  There is a difference in consequences when a person acts out on his sinful sexual desires, depending on the laws of the land and the opinion of culture at the particular time the sexual act is committed. My friends, both of whom I respect, are correct that there is a difference (in our day) between pedophilia behavior (illegal activity) and homosexual behavior, adulterous behavior, sexual behavior while single, or self-stimulation (all legal activities). But I remind you, pedophilia is only currently illegal. If you act out on your desires to have sex with children you will go to jail if caught. If you commit an act of homosexuality or adultery you will not go to jail - at least in our day. Laws do change, however. Throughout America's history there were state laws that made both homosexuality and adultery illegal, punishable with either jail time or death. But that's another subject. The point I was making in what I wrote was a simple one: The predisposition and desire to have a sexual relationship outside of a husband/wife relationship is a sin against God. And ALL of us are sinners.


An Illustration From Pedophilia

There are two men in our church that I mentor and disciple who are registered sexual offendors because of sexual activity with children. They spent their prison time. Everytime they set foot on our campus, they must report to me. Their pictures have been passed around to all our paid and volunteer staff. They are never allowed to be anywhere with children, and never will be.



- end excerpts -

Comments from readers


Mike said…

Do the parents of those who bring their children know that these two men are an active part of your church?

You have guidelines in place and some security measures established but do wonder because of the many comments on this subject (not just on this blog but others who written about sexual abuse) who speak as if the church at large needs to know.

Wade Burleson said...


No. We only make our campus workers aware and distribute name and picture. The police require them to register as "Sex Offendors" and there pictures, names and addresses have been placed in the newspaper. They are NEVER with children for any reason and are always with other adults while on campus. We do not feel it is necessary with all those restrictions to "announce" these men are attending our church, but we by no means are hiding it (as you can tell).

Southwestern Discomfort said...

The following are NOT crimes in most states (and in the few states where they may still be crimes, they're likely unconstitutional):

* Homosexuality

* Adultery

* Masturbation

* Fornication

The one that IS a crime is:

* Pedophilia

And why is it a crime? Because the victim cannot consent, unlike all of the other sins in your list.

So, to be blunt, I strongly object to your lumping pedophilia, a crime, in with these other sexual sins. In fact, I think you make less of pedophilia by linking it in with these non-crimes.

Wade Burleson said...

Southwestern Discomfort,

I am not communicating very well it seems. There is a huge LEGAL difference between pedophilia and homsexuality. The former is a crime, the latter is not.

There is no difference in desires. Both are sins in the eyes of God.

Southwestern Discomfort said...


"I see what you did there." Apparently I am obviously not communicating very well either, because it's not clear to you that I find it abominable that you'd lump pedophilia, a CRIME punishable by years in prison, with homosexuality, fornication, adultery and masturbation, which you label as sins.

Let me repeat that: abominable. You're doing a bad thing here, Wade Burleson, and I am calling you out on it.


Anonymous said...

Southwestern Comfort,

Pedophilia "desire for sex with children" is not a crime.

Pedophilic BEHAVIOR" is a crime, and is classified as child sexual abuse. 

Your confusion over the difference between desire and behavior is quite evident to everyone but you.

Southwestern Discomfort said...


I actually DO know the difference between desire and behavior. To wit:

Jesus said that any man who looks with lust in his heart on a woman commits adultery.

I would say that if you're looking with lust upon a child, you're committing pedophilia, and what we do know about pedophiles is that they don't tend to keep their predilections undercover. They may not ACT on those predilections (by raping children) but they may do other illegal acts, such as collecting and viewing sexually oriented videos and pictures of minors.

And, I would note, the reason why pedophilia is a crime (and possession of videos/pictures is also a crime) is because children cannot legally consent to sexual contact.

My point, one that I keep reiterating over and over, is that pedophilia is different from the other sexual sins Wade Burleson is harping on here because these are acts between *consenting adults*. Children legally CANNOT consent to sexual conduct. And, if there is no consent to the act by one adult party, then it's sexual assault and can be charged as such.

(I'm old enough to remember when a marriage license was also consent to be sexual assault without remedy in law. In other words, one spouse could not deny sex to the other and the other could TAKE it. That's not the case any more in most states.)

I didn't spend three years in law school back in the 1980s for entirely nothing. And again, I will reiterate that it's wrong to lump pedophilia, a crime, in with these sins. Yet that's what Wade is doing here, he's lumping in something that pretty much everyone agrees is awful with acts that are not crimes. As I said, "I see what you're doing there."




You state: "No. We only make our campus workers aware and distribute name and picture. The police require them to register as "Sex Offendors" and there pictures, names and addresses have been placed in the newspaper. They are NEVER with children for any reason and are always with other adults while on campus. We do not feel it is necessary with all those restrictions to "announce" these men are attending our church, but we by no means are hiding it (as you can tell)."

Since what has happened in Florida...

...what are the possibilities of worse happening to your church if one of the men you watch choose to abuse a child in your church, off property, as a result of seeing them first on your campus?

You have stated you are the greatest advocate against child abuse (or something similar). I hope so. But, I do not see this being true when you have families with children where the discussion of these men and their desires have been acted out are not brought to them directly.

I would hate to see something happen: a child be abused, a life ruined, a church destroyed, a witness for Jesus damaged because you did not go as far with the information you do have as you could have.

I don't think a jury will agree that a mention on your blog is sufficient.

I want the best for you and would hate to see your name on Christa's web site. And then I could be off base and making much about nothing. It's only a child's life, maybe, right?

Rex Ray said...

Mike Frost,

I believe you made an excellent comment.

What if a family/victim didn’t read/remember the names and pictures in newspapers?

“I attend Wade Burleson’s church” would be enough to get his ‘foot in the door’.


Tamara said...

Wade, don't let the word "philia" in "pedolphilia" confuse you. It isn't really about sexual desire or love for children at all. So to say "love is love" is, frankly, horse crap. That is not love, Wade. Raping children is not motivated by love of children.

I'm horrified that you would lump it in with adultery and masturbation.

It's not even about sex, Wade. It's not a "sexual desire" to want to rape children.

It is, like all rape, not as much about sexual desire as it is about using the mechanism of sex to control and dominate others.

The difference between pederasty and the others on your list is much, much more than the fact that it is illegal.

Pederasty is illegal for the same reason that RAPE is illegal. It is a crime because it has a victim. It is criminalized because it causes tangible, quantifiable damage to someone who had no choice, no agency, and no defense.

By calling pederasty "sexual sin" you are minimizing it. It isn't sexual sin. It is dominating sin. The desire being dealt with is not sexual desire. The desire is power and control.

You need to rethink your assertion here.

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Thank you for this article . I am ashamed and disgusted to see how quickly the evangelical community is accepting lies and deceit concerning sin ... especially the kind of sins you are talking about here. Over and Over again I am seeing these leaders compromise on homosexuality - the gender genocide fad and child sexual abuse IN the church often  BY ministers. Worst part of it all is the coverups and the dialog aimed at manipulating Christians into "affirming " it all.Then victims turn to internet sites who are "Exposing" it while actually serving as part of the coverup. God has  a day in store all who do wickedly and love a lie. Those hiding sin will not prosper but those who take heed and repent find mercy.We are overdue for a very intense Divine  purge / pruning/ and persecution .

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Watch-pray,  We have evidence that homosexuality and pedophilia go hand in glove together.  It seems Wade Burleson's teachings that God has a feminine nature is alarming and is promoting a homosexual theology. 

According to Preparing the Way of the Antichrist: Aquarius:

"Other false teachers on the Christian scene subtly preach the concept of androgyny as the path to becoming like God. 'Tony Campolo...says that Christ dwells in everyone whether they know it or not. In a recent book, in a chapter titled 'Embracing the Feminine Side of God', Campolo declares: There is that feminine side of me that must be recovered and strengthened if I am to be like Christ..'
(149:249) With Bible scholars now willing to rethink the gender of God, homosexual theology appears to have a bright future."

According to Wade Burleson:

"Scripture reveals God as both masculine and feminine in character.  His attributes included feminine and masculine attributes." (L)

"...He created a male and a female, reflecting the very nature of God Himself. This is why there is nothing wrong with considering God as both Father and Mother..." (L)

After reading that Jonathan Merritt was outed for homosexuality, Wade Burleson invited him to his church.

"Jonathan Merritt, be encouraged. We look forward to hosting you at Emmanuel Enid... (L)

Often Deb Martin and Dee Parsons of Wartburg Watch ridicule Christian men who forbid women to teach in the church by calling them "gender gurus."  It seems they are mocking Christian men who hold a biblical distinction between the roles of men and women.   

"In the book entitled The Guilt of the Templars, we are told that 'the Knights Templar's confessions show them to have been basically homosexual warrior order...' (L)

"Having ancestors who were leaders of the Knights Templar would make Wade Burleson of Merovingian Jewish descent. (L)

Not only is Wade Burleson covering up pedophiles within his church, but he is also promoting homosexuality with his "God is feminine" theology and by inviting homosexuals to speak at his church...  


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Originally Posted by watch-pray
...what are the possibilities of worse happening to your church if one of the men you watch choose to abuse a child in your church, off property, as a result of seeing them first on your campus?

This is what happened to the son of one of our JM Cult Watch commenters.  Her son was raped by a fellow church member off of church property.


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It's been said by men who have studied the small church group dialectic process that it creates a "feminized man."  (A man who is always prone to compromise facts and truths to maintain relationships).  We know the dialectic process is employed to synthesize opposites (male/female).  I have found that the group dialectic process is based on the Kabbalah and its Sephirot of the Tree of Life.  I know little about it, but isn't the goal of Kabbalist practice to create an androgyne?  Do you see participation in the dialectic process as a way to synthesize the male and female or to create a spiritual androgyne?   Or to accept homosexuality?  Or to accept women pastors?        

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Watchmanwakes, I apologize that it has taken me so long to respond to your question. I believe the Feminist movement has successfully employed the dialectical process to polarize the sexes, to shift men and women from their traditional roles and to enforce their solution to the problem they created—synthesis of the genders.

Thesis → Anti-Thesis → Synthesis
Patriarchy → Feminism → Androgyny

Thesis: God commanded men to lead in their homes and in the church.

Ephesians 5:22-24 – “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and He is the Saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.”

1Timothy 2:11-14– “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”

Anti-Thesis: Feminists usurped the God-given authority of men.

Radical feminism has challenged and undermined the authority of men in the home, the workplace and also the churches (e.g. Wartburg Watch). By demonizing men with shrill cries of male domination and patriarchal abuse, feminists have intimidated men to the point that they are either fearful of or don’t care to assert their God-given authority.

The feminist movement has also removed women from the home into the workplace where they are under pressure to compete with and dominate men. God, however, admonishes women to be “keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:5)

One outcome of women in the workplace instead of the home is the breakdown of marriages due to rampant infidelity. A chilling analysis of the feminist and LGBT movements reveals that their real agenda is the abolition of marriage

The endgame of the feminist dialectic is the end of marriage, the end of gender distinctions and fusion of the sexes. 

The Kabbalah  

The secret doctrine of the Kaballah is that God (Ein Sof) is male-female, having both male and female attributes as symbolically portrayed in The Kabbalistic Tree of Life.



“The centers are arranged in three columns.

“The left column is called the Pillar of Severity.

“This represents the female side of man and contains three sephira:

“Binah (Understanding), Geburah (Severity) and Hod (Splendor).

“The right column is called the Pillar of Mercy.

“This represents the male side of man and also contains three sephira:

“Chokmah (Wisdom), Chesed (Mercy) and Netzach (Victory).

“The middle pillar is called the Pillar of Equilibrium.

“It represents the balance between the male and female pillars.” 

Kabbalists believe that man was originally created androgynous—male-female—and the “fall” of Primordial Man (Adam Kadmon) was caused by his attraction to matter and subsequent separation into two sexes—Adam and Eve. Kabbalists therefore believe that the perfection of the human condition will be attained by returning to its original androgyny by fusing the sexes. In this way, a new androgynous and immortal humanity will be produced in the likeness of “Christ” whom they consider to be an androgyne. The Encyclopedia of Religion states concerning the future of mankind and the church:

“...the androgyne was the perfect, ‘total’ human being of the future... the man of the future would be, like Christ, an androgyne. ‘Eve,’ he wrote 'was engendered by man without the aid of woman; Christ was engendered by woman without the aid of man; the androgyne will be born of the two. But the husband and wife will be fused together in a single flesh.’ The body that is to be born will then be immortal…

Note that the polarization of the sexes, brought about through the dialectical process, will be solved by a predetermined outcome: androgynous humanity.

“With regard to Rev. 14:4 (‘Those are they that are not defiled with women; for they are virgins’) [Georg] Koepgen asserts, ‘Here the new androgynous form of existence becomes visible. Christianity is neither male nor female, it is male-female in the sense that the male paired with the female in Jesus’ soul. In Jesus the tension and polaristic strife of sex are resolved in an androgynous unity.  And the Church, as his heir, has taken this over from him; She too is androgynous.’” (146:279, 281)

See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Man: Androgyny

In the gnostic Gospel According to Thomas, the false Jesus also recommends the unification of the sexes:


“(22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."

They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"

Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

(114) Simon Peter said to him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life."

Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."


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Thanks very much for that incredible information. 

You say,

"Note that the polarization of the sexes, brought about through the dialectical process, will be solved by a predetermined outcome: androgynous humanity."

The Kabbalist's goal is to create a "new man."  This new man, being Satan's creation and no longer God's, won't be a man at all, but a kind of beast, and as such, will worship the androgynous Beast when he takes power because he has the same mind and was made in his image.  

It looks like the goal of Satan's agents is to not only eliminate God's authority everywhere (church, family, schools, government), but even to eliminate God's creation (mankind).
Mark Shriver

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The Wartburg Watch is a phony Christian site and is merely a "controlled opposition" site only.  Dee Parsons of Wartburg Watch and her pastor Wade Burleson teach that Jesus Christ is Michael the Archangel.  The true agenda of the Wartburg Watch is to bring women and homosexuals into church leadership. 
Truth Seeker

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Yes, it is easy to see that the Warburg Watch is just a couple of angry, bitter, lonely women.  No one really takes that site seriously.  Forget about it.

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